Asahi Technologies’ next-generation Android mobile solution for small and medium enterprises, complemented with robust implementation strategies and testing capabilities, is a lucrative opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Our cutting-edge Android solutions provide world-class platform for developing robust, interactive and user-friendly apps and games, catering to unique business needs.

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Why Choose Asahi Technologies for Android Development?

  • Robust Android application platforms that are reliable and scalable:
    • Linux
    • Android SDK
    • Windows XP, Vista
    • C, C++
    • Java Programming
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in Android mobile technology, modules and extensions
  • Cost-effective Android application development
  • Wide range of applications – business, weather, entertainment, sports, news, food, games, etc.
  • Highly qualified and expert Android professionals who have years of experience working on the platform
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Our Android Technology Includes:

  • Android Kitkat
    Android Kitkat

    We support the latest Android Kitkat mobile technology, Android 4.4 APIs, for building robust and interactive apps and games.

  • Android Jelly Bean
    Android Jelly Bean

    One of the most popular versions of Android technology, Jelly Bean supports app and game development for Android 4.3 APIs, Android 4.2 APIs, and Android 4.1 APIs.

  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich
    Android Ice Cream Sandwich

    Asahi Technologies supports application and game development for Android Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System, 4.0.3 APIs and 4.0 APIs, for a wide range of Smartphones and tablets.

  • Android Honeycomb development
    Android Honeycomb

    To deliver customized solutions to our clients, we also support Android Honeycomb operating system, developing robust and scalable apps and games for 3.2 APIs, 3.1 APIs and 3.0 APIs.

  • Android Gingerbread development comapny
    Android Gingerbread

    Build smart and interactive applications and games for Android Gingerbread technology that supports Android 2.3.4 APIs and 2.3.3 APIs.

Key Features

  • on demand access
    Open marketplace to promote your apps

    Android technology gives access to Google Play, which is a leading marketplace for selling and distributing robust and interesting Android apps.

  • programming
    Robust development framework

    Android provides a robust and easy-to-use framework to build world-class apps. Android has become one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems today that enjoys global patronage.

  • transparency
    Cutting-edge tools

    Android platform provides best-in-class, powerful tools to build apps that are not only visually appealing, but also helps harness hardware capabilities available on different devices.

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We have built custom software solutions for a wide range of clients that represent different industries.

  • Fedex
  • Aries Soft
  • MyCoop
  • Why Science
  • Panasonic
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