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Reach out to a larger audience base and build a strong brand image with Android development services at Asahi Technologies. Tailored to meet unique client needs, we design, develop, implement, test, and upgrade custom Android applications with outstanding precision, performance, flexibility, and relevance.

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Why Choose Asahi Technologies for Android Development?

  • Our developers are vastly experienced and have the expertise to creating visually appealing and relevant Android applications
  • We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in building applications on platforms that are scalable and reliable:
    • Windows XP, Vista
    • Linux
    • Android SDK
    • Java programming
    • C, C++
  • Cost-effective and reliable native app development for Android platform
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Our Android Development Services Include:

  • android development services
    Custom Android Application Development

    Custom Android applications reflect your unique brand image and value, specifically targeting your customers in a distinct manner.

  • android web based application
    Android Web-based Applications

    We have expertise in developing cutting-edge web-based applications for Android that are intuitive, relevant and visually appealing.

  • android business application
    Business Application Development

    We give an edge and flexibility to businesses by creating custom applications that are an effective way to connect to valuable data, employees, and resources seamlessly.

  • functional testing
    Android Application Testing

    Every stage of Android application development undergoes strict quality checks and testing for validation and integration.

  • android plugin development
    Android Plug-in and Extensions Development

    We also create cutting-edge extensions and plug-ins that improve functionality of Android applications and their relevance to your business.

  • website maintanance services
    Android Support and Maintenance

    Asahi Technologies provide continuous support and maintenance for Android applications, ensuring they function efficiently to deliver maximum results for your business.

Key Features

  • Open-source, user-friendly and feature-rich platform
    Open-source, user-friendly and feature-rich platform

    Android is an open-source application development platform, packed with powerful features that are intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly.

  • Simple and flexible application porting
    Simple and flexible application porting

    Port your existing applications to ever-popular Android platform and expand your reach and visibility.

  • Easy-to-use application development APIs and tools
    Easy-to-use application development APIs and tools

    We leverage only easy-to-use and intuitive APIs and tools for cutting-edge Android application development.

  • Integrated with Google mail and calendar
    Integrated with Google mail and calendar

    Give more prominence and acceptance to your Android application by integrating Google mail and calendar for improved functionality.

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We have built custom software solutions for a wide range of clients that represent different industries.

  • Fedex
  • Aries Soft
  • MyCoop
  • Why Science
  • Panasonic
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