31 Jul 2015

What is the best solution for your online shopping cart? Is it Magento or Zen Cart

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By many means, Magento and Zen cart are two of the best shopping cart tools available on the web today. With more than one third of the market share, they are the leading shopping cart solution currently around the world. Both Magento and Zen Cart present users with amazing features for an ultimate shopping experience. For instance, the unique capability of Magento lies in its Multi-store and vast extensions in the Magento Connect store. But Zen cart doesn’t fall back either, it provides developers with a comprehensive set of features

About Zen Cart and its capabilities:

Designed, developed and programmed by likeminded shop owners, Zen cart shopping e-Commerce solutions is widely used all over the world. Zen Cart is considered as the most user-friendly open source shopping cart solution on the web. It is also is an effective content management system. Zen cart provides a users and developers with a flexible architecture alongside plenty of extensions, making it one of the best CMS developing applications.

  • Offers plenty of scalability for shop owners to expand their stores
  • Multi language and currency support to drive local online sales and revenue
  • Intelligent generation of meta tags content for search engines

About Magento and its capabilities:

Magento helps develop a feature rich, attractive and interactive Ecommerce websites to suit custom requirements. The tool offers plenty of extensions for creating, sharing and collaborating content with ease. In addition, its amazing marketing tools render online retailers the ability to provide a great shopping experience for their customers.

  • Multiple Gateway Integration
  • Real-time shipping rate integration with UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL
  • Google Content API for shopping

Listed below comprehensive analysis of both these shopping cart technologies

Issue Magento Zen Cart
Installation Slightly lengthier process than Zen cart Easy to Install, the installation program guides through Set up process
Coding Requirements Some basic knowledge required Users don’t require complicated programming knowledge
Store Management Multi-store management, Control multiple websites and stores from one administration Panel All in one store manager that can handle categorises, products, manufacturers, customers, orders, etc with ease
Templating Fully customizable Magento  templates, from design to content Advanced Zen cart template system using style sheets and images
Security SSL security support for orders on both frontendand back-end Built-in override protection system for PHP coding changes
Support and Community Comprehensive support for commercial editions, backed up by extensive forums and communities Active community of developers and programmers
Taxes Tax rates per location, product type or customergroup Tax rates, tax zones, Shipping info can be configured in the Admin area
Language Support for multiple languages Supports multiple languages  for localization
Currency   Supports multiple currency Supports multiple currency
Search Engine Optimization Search engine friendly URL’s. URL rewrites give full control of URL’s Intelligent generation of meta tags content for search engines
 Extensions Plenty of Magento extensions are available in the Connect store  A vast plugins and add-on directory for Zen cart extensions

Hard to support one among these heavyweights, at the end of the day it comes down to your primary requirements. You can go for Magento if you want a complete one-stop solution for all your requirements. Zen Cart if you prefer to use a CMS only for a simplistic store, which is flexible and scalable for your requirements.

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