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    Cloud Programming Architecture provides extensive solutions that let you stay in touch with all your personal data even after leaving your country or even continent. Whether we realize this or not, most internet users use cloud computing on almost an everyday basis through applications like Google docs or personal e-mails. Cloud programming solutions offer you storage, sharing and access to all your data and applications under one cloud. There are literally thousands of small and medium business enterprises in New York, not every one of them could afford separate software tools for running their business. This is where cloud computing makes the difference in that it manages to provide applications on a single platform with access for everybody and scales hardware on a need basis, eradicating the need for dedicated hardware that require higher financial investment.

    At Asahi Technologies, we help you enhance your business enterprise through cloud computing. Asahi technologies, based in New York is one of the leading providers of Cloud programming solutions. We provide affordable solutions for small and medium enterprises in North America.

    What is Cloud Computing?

    Offering information technology as a service, cloud computing lets you host data and run applications in accordance to your requirements on remote servers owned by another company. The concept of cloud computing is similar to an electric grid that provides access to electricity. You can keep adding power to the grid, and drawing power from it and how the power is distributed internally is immaterial to the end user as long as the power input to the grid exceeds the power drawn from it.

    Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

    The primary advantage of Cloud Computing is that it changes the very fundamentals of our computing and networking architecture, from the way we create, store, distribute, share and use the information. But the core benefit lies in the form of financial savings when you have a network of computersand you can’t afford to spend on each and every machine. Cloud computing lets you access an application from loading just one such instance of it on a host web service provider and making it accessible to a lot of people concurrently. These applications are accessible through a web browser or a mobile app even when the software and data are stored on a remote hosting server.

    Cloud computing services can be broadly classified into three different categories:

    PaaS (Platform as a Service)

    Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an application platform comprising of the operating system, middleware and software that allows users to run on the cloud without any barriers. PaaS assists developers by offering quick and expandable ways to host applications. With PaaS you handle system administration, such as installing frameworks or libraries, configuring test tools etc.

    In plain terms PaaS is an extension of SaaS, but PaaS has significant advantages over SaaS. For instance, features of the operating system can be upgraded and tweaked frequently. Capital costs can be reduced by purchasing infrastructure services from a single vendor instead of maintaining multiple facilities. Also, with the unification of programming development, a firm can reduce its overall expenses.

    SaaS (Software as a Service)

    Saas evolves from IBM’s idea of utility computing, and is a software distribution model in which applications hosted by service providers are available to users on an entire network. Based on the multi tenant architecture, a single version with the same configuration is used for all customers and users. The single configuration helps development testing easier and enriching overall user experience.

    Other major benefits of SaaS model include easier administration along with automatic updates and patch management, thereby fixing errors with ease. Also with growing social network and the development of web 2.0 has enabled SaaS to offer additional features for users to create and share information.

    IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    The basic Cloud computing service offered, IaaS lets you configure and maintain your software environment without much importance to the hardware used. IaaS allows users to store any sort of software on it, with the storage and necessary resources as per your need. IaaS is ideal for companies that don’t have to follow stringent regulation policies, due to logical sharing of resources. To make things easier to understand, IaaS works similar to outsourcing companies, for instance all necessary hardware such as storage and server components withrespective software used by the host are shared by authorized users for a nominal fee than paying for equipments in your workspace.

    Advantages of cloud computing

    A lot of business executives lose sleep over buying expensive software and hardware for their employees, this is not financially viable for a small and medium range business enterprises. This led to the evolution of a simple but effective solution called cloud computing. Instead of buying software suites for every hardware device, you can load the application on a web based service which hosts all the programs. It has changed the entire computing industry as well as saving costs and thereby increasing revenues for small and medium businesses.

    The other major advantages include

    • Cost efficiency, the investments required for startup projects are minimal, since the usage of software and hardware controls are done from remote devices. Added to that the operating costs of are less compared to managing a huge workspace.
    • Lesser resources required, since both your software and hardware are maintained by the host service, personnel required for these operations are significantly less
    • User can control the operations and performance of the software with the help of servers, network and storage provided by the host.
    • Users can also create software application using tools and libraries from the provider
    • Renders you the ability to access, organize and share data at any given moment from any geographical location around the world.

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