DOT NET Nuke Development

“If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.” – Omar N. Bradley

Operating a website is critical for any business enterprise and so is choosing a framework tool. Dot Net Nuke is a powerful web content management system and a web application development framework, built on Microsoft’s ASP.Net. With a smooth interface, all contributors can work without the technical knowhow. The framework also provides capabilities for businesses dependent on web sites that are critical to their success.

DotNetNuke is very easy to use. Content contributors with lesser tool knowledge can learn to add and maintain web pages in a matter of minutes and make changes to the site with no IT support. Adding pages or features and changing page layouts are easily done with little technical knowledge. Since required IT knowhow is minimal, changes to your website can be done with significantly less operational costs.

Advantages of Dot Net Nuke

  • Flexible architecture
  • Nearly 10000 commercial applications available on the Dot net nuke store
  • Dot net extensions forge features hundreds of free applications
  • Extensive features include an open Application Program Interface (API) to empower custom apps
  • Minimal training required for basic functionalities like adding pages, features and editing page layouts.
  • Inbuilt web farm support helps easy migration to a distributor server infrastructure
  • Open source, Professional and enterprise editions available to match business needs

Asahi technologies, a New York based Dot Net Nuke Development Company, provides efficient solutions catering to the needs of small and medium range businesses at affordable prices. We have developed top notch software using .NET, in addition to experience on using tools such as extJS,, Infragistics, Devexpress Telerik, and more.

  • DotNetNuke Module Development(DNN Development Services)
  • DotNetNuke Skin Designing (DNN Skin Design Services)
  • DotNetNuke Administration and Maintenance (DNN Maintenance Services)
  • DotNetNuke Installation and Configuration (DNN Installation Services)
  • DotNetNuke Migration (DNN Migration Services)
  • DotNetNuke QA and Testing (DNN Testing Services)
  • DotNetNuke customization (DNN Customization Services)
  • DotNetNuke business logic and data integration
  • Professional DotNetNuke support
  • DotnetNuke on SharePoint
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