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Elgg is a leading social networking platform that enables businesses to connect, collaborate, and share on the larger, global social media. Ideal for businesses, universities, schools, associations, and groups, Elgg has been specifically designed to be social. The key social networking platform provides a wide spectrum of tools that enable organizations to connect, collaborate, and share both within the system and externally. With core features like Blogging, Activity Streams, User Profiles, Social Bookmarking, Conversations, and much more, this advanced networking platform builds a powerful and compelling social hub for the organization.

It provides a strong and intuitive framework to build web services. This enables professional developers to expose the core functionality to other desktop applications and websites in addition to achieving seamless integration with third party web applications. It is an REST/RPC hybrid, and not specifically API Restful, which provides a supportive framework to design, develop, and deploy web services. However, the leading social networking platform is particularly leveraged to create a social environment for improved collaboration and communication with the employees, consumers, and the world at large.

Asahi Technologies – Professional Elgg Development and Customization

Asahi Technologies is a pioneering name in Elgg development and customization services. With years of professional experience and specialized expertise, we have achieved a strong footprint in the development of Elgg as a powerful social-ecommerce platform for organizations. From businesses to associations, from schools to universities, and groups, we have designed and developed customized social networking applications for organizations across the world. Our high performance and scalable Elgg plugins and social commerce services stand as a core commitment to the Elgg social networking platform community.

Our Elgg Design and Development Services

Each social networking application designed and developed by Asahi Technologies, pushes Elgg platform beyond its level of functionality, terms of design, and legacy integration. Undoubtedly, Elgg is an exceptionally powerful social networking platform, with major contributions in web application development, we have added to its custom functionalities and integration, delivering high levels of services that meet our clients’ custom requirements. Asahi Technologies specialize in customized Elgg design and development services, helping businesses and organizations to build a strong social environment for improved collaboration, sharing, and communication.

Our Elgg design and development services include:

  • Compelling and intuitive theme development for Elgg
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Elgg hosting services
  • E-commerce and payment integration
  • Customized Elgg plugin development
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Social commerce development with Elgg
  • Ready to deploy Elgg implementations
  • Mashups and integrations with other APIs and applications

Need a Professional Elgg Developer?

Are you seeking a professional expert in Elgg? Need an Elgg developer who knows in and out of this leading social networking platform? Or an expert in social networking?

Then you are just at the right place!! Asahi Technologies have keen experience in developing high performance and scalable Elgg plugins and applications that help businesses build a powerful social environment to connect, collaborate, and share.

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