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Asahi Technologies’ Enterprise Software Solutions encompass the suite of services targeted at organizations. We have the complete toolkit to help you innovate and grow your business. Enhance performance, simplify processes, discover trends, manage customers and do much more with our robust, secure and scalable enterprise software solutions.

enterprise software development

Why Choose Asahi’s Enterprise Software Solutions?

  • We have a proven delivery framework and a global delivery model that supports clients across the globe 24/7.
  • Our development methodology is well established and we take process seriously. We follow Agile software development methodology for all the projects we undertake.
  • We build high quality and innovative software backed by lifetime bug fix support.
  • Get ten hours of free consulting that covers the major areas of a project including feasibility study, technology stack identification, and project timeline estimation.
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Asahi’s enterprise software solutions Include:

  • enterprise application development
    Enterprise Application Development

    Asahi Technologies builds enterprise applications aimed at aiding business growth and providing the tools to transform the way work is done. We deliver custom solutions that fit your needs.

  • enterprise resource planning services

    Manage the various facets of your business using integrated ERP tools. We work with different ERP systems such as Apache OFBIZ, Compiere, OpenBravo, OpenERP Services and xTuple ERP.

  • business intelligence
    Business Intelligence

    We gather, manage, and analyze data to generate actionable insights using BI tools such as Eclipse BIRT and SPAGOBI, to improve tactical and strategic organizational decision-making.

  • customer relationship management
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    We work with a range of CRM systems that include CiviCRM, Goldmine, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage ACT, Splendid CRM, and Sugar CRM to help you manage and enhance customer relationships.

Key Features

  • Operational Management (ITOM)
    Operational Management (ITOM)

    We improve organizational performance and capacity by leveraging technology to build applications that help optimize common tasks, simplify asset management and customer support.

  • Information Management
    Information Management

    Asahi helps enhance information management within organizations by centralizing and managing the flow of data across different sets of users.

  • Application Lifecycle Management
    Application Lifecycle Management

    Asahi is an end-to-end software solutions provider and we manage the entire gamut of an enterprise application’s lifecycle from ideation to development, testing, and maintenance.

  • Information Security
    Information Security

    We take information security very seriously. We put in place all the steps necessary to ensure only authorized users within an organization have access to the enterprise solutions we provide.

  • Strategy & Planning
    Strategy & Planning

    We plan and devise your IT strategy to be in alignment with your business goals. We analyze and understand the precise requirements of each organization and suggest appropriate solutions.

  • Saas Model
    Saas Model

    We help build cost effective cloud–based enterprise applications that can be offered to customers across the globe using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

education modified

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Education Modified

Passionate educationists Meluisa Corto and Elisa Altorfer wanted to Leverage technology to provide inclusive education to special children. Asahi Technologies built a stunning website using HTML 5 and CodeIgniter for PHP to provide a rich user interface to make learning fun and easy for the children.

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