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Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application

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Enterprise Application Development

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” – Bill Gates

The emergence of information technology has increased the need for developing custom applications for enterprises. They have also become a high priority for business firms who have invested on internet-based marketing strategies. Transforming business environments, the enterprise applications aid business growth by providing tools like payment processing, forms automation, IT service management and content management. Since the overall cost of developing proprietary software is expensive, it is affordable only to large firms. The rise of enterprise applications has eased major business functionalities like online shopping, card payment processing, billing systems, IT service management, manufacturing, and enterprise application integration, making enterprise application development an essential process of successful business firm.

Enterprise Web application development

Constant connectivity is currently the need of the hour. With the increase in usage of mobile devices and connections, enterprise web applications are becoming increasingly important for any business growth strategy. A custom developed web application for enterprises renders the ability to reach existing as well as potential clientele. Web applications are becoming increasingly important in this age of mobile devices and constant internet connectivity. And, small, medium or large enterprises require unique web platforms to reach up the ladder. Asahi Technologies, a New York based custom programming solutions firm, focused on enterprise development, provides top notch enterprise web applications.

Rapid Application development

Unlike conventional software development, rapid application development is a blend of many structuring techniques, including data driven information engineering with prototyping techniques for accelerated software development. While traditional sequential development model cycle uses requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance, in Rapid Application Development, the procedure is compressed into a series of short, repetitive development cycles. This model renders distinct advantages over conventional application development. The other benefit of RAD is that its quick development can allow the client to review the prototype for suggestions and opinions.

Software application development

Software application development is aimed at programming the language for the development of a software product, a complex process that includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering and any maintenance in relation to the product. Widely developed to meet the needs of a business environment or a specific client, developers today have increased the custom programmed software, adapting to changing needs of the business scenario. And, with the expansion of internet, there has been extensive transformation in the way software was developed for enterprises that require customized solutions for increased revenue and efficiency of the resources.

Mobile application development->Smartphone application development->Android/iphone

Since the development of digital handheld devices in the beginning of the twentieth century, applications developed for Smartphones have been on the rise. These customized apps match the needs and necessities of every user requiring them. The intense diversity of the Smartphone market requires distinct development tools, starting from Software Development kit, emulators and analysis tools. Some kits include a built-in project-management and source code editing tools like J2ME Wireless Toolkit, which can run on multiple platforms.

SharePoint application development

When corporations require custom enterprise applications, Microsoft SharePoint is the most preferred tool today. SharePoint is efficient in creating websites with devoted applications like blogs and forums, exclusively for web portals. Apart from that, after installation, the tool provides full functionality of portal rights with extensive personalization options. Additional web components can also be patched alongside for accelerated task completion. But the major advantage of SharePoint comes in the form of directory integration with other Microsoft products, adding critical functionality for application development.

PHP application development

Completely free and an open source framework, developers use PHP primarily to cater to the needs of an increasing online and web applications. The PHP scripting language is now the most widely used web application tool. Skilled PHP programmers provide customized technical solutions to enterprise web applications to enhance business to a whole new level. Apart from that, developing and maintaining a PHP application is extremely affordable and can be time saving as compared to other tools or framework dealing with web applications. Highly compatible with all content management systems, PHP has a great reputation among developers for its friendly interface and operational techniques.

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