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Expression Engine

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    Expression Engine

    “The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends on how effectively people share their competence with those who can use it.” – Andrew Carnegie

    ExpressionEngine is powerful content management system designed and developed by EllisLab. It is the flagship product of EllisLab, the same company whose other popular products include MojoMotor and the popular CodeIgniter. Simple and easy-to-use, ExpressionEngine literally requires no coding or programming skills to install and maintain and provides extensive online documentation. Around three license variants are available: the Non-Commercial version for personal and non-profit usage, Commercial version ideal for extensive online stores, and a Freelancer version that enable Small web firms to run their sites with relative ease. While the underlying code remains the same for all versions, certain modules are available only for the commercial paid versions. Known for its incredible power, flexibility and scalability, ExpressionEngine is well adaptable to changing business requirements and environment. Moreover, unlike other popular content management systems, ExpressionEngine does not limit the potential of your site in any way. The architecture is flexible enough to transform the content, design and structure of your site with ease.

    Features of Expression Engine

    • Extensive online documentation
    • Custom Entry Fields
    • Entry View Tracking
    • Flexible e-mail options
    • User commenting System
    • E-Mail Anti-Span Encoding
    • Multi-user System
    • Template Caching
    • Session Management
    • Secure Form Processing

    These features help Expression Engine to fuel business growth for some of the most powerful websites around the world.

    Why use Expression Engine CMS for your Website?

    Security Features

    Expression Engine has a stable system with comprehensive security features that is immune to any security breach. The framework structure enables you to develop a secure site for safer data handling. In addition, certain in-built features in Expression Engine CMS like Email verification, Login History, Spam Blocker, Content approval, Captcha, and audit trail helps you to avoid vulnerabilities. The entire system being SSL compatible helps when you embed shopping cart functions to the website.

    Management Capabilities

    Expression Engine offers users with powerful management capabilities to handle data, content and users. The major feature being multiple administrators, where work can be stretched to many resources thereby saving valuable time. Standard management features come in the form of SQL & extensions manager, Admin logs, Content forums, site membership, data export and a blacklist module.


    The structure of Expression Engine is simple to such an extent that even non-technical people can access and edit the back-end and front-end without much Intricate programming knowledge. Being an open-source project Expression Engine allows developers to enhance website functionality and customization options using PHP. Creating an article or page entry is relatively easy even for non-technical personnel. For instance, a simple article can be posted with just entering the title and body, also you can generate page URLs to optimize the page for search engines.

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