Passion is the key to Performance.

Asahi Chief Executive Officer Vinod Subbaiah

Successful companies are built by passionate leaders and not by people who were lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Be it Henry Ford or Jeff Bezos, success of great leaders is built on relentless passion and a drive to make a difference. Vinod’s passion powers Asahi and it rubs off on his team.

Vinod holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He started his career as a Software Engineer at EPIQ Systems, nurturing his passion of software design and programming. In his stint with EPIQ Systems, Vinod designed and developed various applications including document review products, centralized document database management systems and numerous business workflow applications, which are used by various law firms worldwide.

Vinod opted against taking over his family’s flourishing diamond business to follow his calling of building and delivering high quality software to small and mid-sized companies. Thus Asahi Technologies was born.

Asahi is a continuously self-renewing organization that continues to grow under Vinod’s inspired leadership. Asahi and Vinod are committed to creating innovative software solutions that add value to the clients and contribute to the growth of their bottom line.

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