At Asahi Technologies, we adhere to proven, industry standard methodologies for building software solutions that ensure customer success. A structured approach to web development coupled with effective leadership and teamwork enables us to consistently deliver high quality solutions, and remain a partner of choice for our clients.

Asahi Technologies Process and Methodologies

At Asahi Technologies, we adhere to traditional waterfall model or agile development methods based on client and project requirements. As a technology agnostic solution provider, we consider factors such as customer requirements, budgets, timelines, and end user expectations to select the most appropriate web development methodology for individual projects.

Waterfall Lifecycle Model


The traditional waterfall model is a low risk, fixed cost approach that is best suited for projects with budget constraints and rigid set of requirements. Through an iterative, collaborative process, the requirements are gathered early on in the project. Thereafter, we follow a sequential approach, namely planning, design, development, testing, user acceptance testing, and launch of the product/website.

Agile Methodology

The agile methodology is essentially a variable cost model, by design. It allows for continuous improvement as the project progresses. This method is more suitable for businesses with dynamic and rapidly evolving requirements. In some cases, the project scope changes before the requirements are finalized! This methodology provides more opportunities for change requests at every stage of the project development lifecycle. We build the product in incremental stages, giving frequent demos of the evolving product, thereby allowing clients to request changes periodically.


Between the two industry standard software development methodologies, clients choose the one that is most suitable for them, based on:

  • Project requirement: For projects such as eCommerce solutions, and custom social networks, where requirements are fairly clear from the start, clients choose the fixed cost waterfall methodology. On the other hand, start-ups prefer the agile method as it allows them to improvise at every stage of the website development. Agile methodology is also suitable for software product development and custom web development where the needs are constantly changing based on market dynamics.
  • Business requirement: For an online retailer with an established business process, the fixed cost methodology is more suitable. However, for a client looking to build a first of its kind software product targeted towards a specific industry or domain, the agile approach is the most appropriate, as it is difficult to clearly define all the requirements upfront. With such projects, all requirements, design or functional are bound to change at every stage of product development.