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Process and Workflow Alignment at Asahi Technologies

Agile Software Development

Deliver promptly. Deliver frequently.

There are numerous methodologies that help monitor and analyze the development of an application. Agile software development is one of the proven software development procedures followed here at Asahi Technologies.

A software development methodology that integrates customers, business analysts, and developers towards a common goal, Agile Software Development is a concoction of old, new and in-between business rules in a new environment. Here, face-to-face communication with the client, frequent delivery of working software, and flexible self-organizing teams speak about the progress of application development. In short, the challenge lies in the rapid delivery of business value.


RAD - Rapid Application Development Model

Faster way of building your applications

It takes a lot of planning, development and testing before a software application is declared suitable for commercial purposes. Unlike the age of 70’s when Internet Marketing was in its nascent stage, we live in a world where software and internet have changed the way we do business. As software requirements become more and more complex, it sometimes takes tremendous amount of time to design, develop and deploy an application . In some cases, the business requirements of an organization become outdated by the time the software application makes its way to production. It is in situations like this where Rapid Application Development started gaining grounds as a software development approach.


Waterfall SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)

Sequential approach to software development.

Every application development follows a certain methodology. A software development methodology is the stepwise development of a software application, spanning requirement capture, programming, testing, deployment and maintenance done systematically through software design, implementation, and verification.

At Asahi Technologies, we consider the various merits and limits and then choose an appropriate approach that will surpass or match our client requirements. The Waterfall life-cycle Model is one of the methodologies (but not the only methodology) we follow for software development.