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Rapid development of the Information Technology has considerably increased the demand for custom application development in enterprises. Enterprise application development and resource planning (ERP) has today become a necessity for businesses that have considerably invested in the web-based marketing strategies. Vividly transforming the business environment, ERP and its applications facilitate the growth of businesses by delivering business tools like payment processing, IT service management, forms automation, and content management.

Catering to the increasing demand for ERP planning in businesses today, the need for effective and user-friendly ERP software has become critical. Considering this aspect, Microsoft, the largest software company in the world has introduced Microsoft Dynamics, a powerful and sate-of-the-art ERP solution. If you are a global organization, global subsidiary, a vertical like financials and operations, MS Dynamics ERP software is the ideal solution for a successful resource planning and enterprise application development.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics ERP Help?

Microsoft Dynamics ERP software enables a business to increase its agility, adapting quickly to the necessary changes, optimizing the supply chain more effectively, and connecting to the customers more easily – now and in the future. Undisputedly, it is the leading ERP software in the market today, providing an integrated solution to the mid-market and enterprise businesses. On a broader perspective, MS Dynamics ERP solution helps the enterprises in:

  • Production Planning, manufacturing and shop floor control
  • Business and financial performance management
  • Demand planning and sales forecasting
  • Receivables management and sales order processing
  • Purchase and payables management
  • Purchase requisition management
  • Inventory management
  • Advanced cash flow management
  • Fixed asset management
  • MRP and automated replenishment
  • Business intelligence and business scorecard mapping
  • Project management with expenses and time management

The Role of Asahi Technologies in MS Dynamics:

At Asahi Technologies, we provide seamless implementation, development, configuration, and integration of Microsoft Dynamics applications. We help you to manage complex business processes, optimally utilize your resources and assets, and respond to the transformation quickly, with the MS Dynamics applications.

Built on advanced Microsoft technologies, this ERP solution is simple to implement and use, and can be customized to efficiently meet the diverse business transformations. We make the implementation and the integration process further simple and smooth, and thus ensuring that our clients utilize the MS Dynamics capabilities in a paramount way.

Our Services:

Asahi Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP services, helping businesses to optimally manage and control their resources for an effective utilization and development. Our dedicated MS Dynamics ERP services include:

  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Performance management
  • Business intelligence
  • Supply chain management
  • IT management
  • Collaboration
  • Human Resource Management

And that is not all!!

As you peep into each of these services, you will discover a wide range of effective ERP solutions that are primarily based on the Microsoft Dynamics.

MS Dynamics can help enterprises to measure and improve their performance, automate business processes, and control financial and operational processes efficiently. And Asahi Technologies take you a step closer to effective MS Dynamics ERP implementation.

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