Mono Development

Mono was developed by Xamarin as a cross platform and open source .NET framework. Primarily designed to breakbarrier in developing applications for Linux operating system, Mono can run across several operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and Solaris.

Features of Mono framework

  • ECMA Common Language Infrastructure(CLI) runtime
  • Runtime includes Just-in-Time compiler, Ahead-of-Time compiler,library loader, garbage collector, threading system and interoperability functionality.
  • Comprehensive base class library provides foundation to build applications
  • Classes are compatible with .NET framework
  • Multi-platform support for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX
  • Customizable window layouts, external tools and user-defined key bindings

Advantages of Mono framework


Scripting languages are interpreted, but not as fast as native codes, making the process time consuming. Mono uses the JIT (just in time) compiler rather than a standard compiler, to enable quick and efficient way to develop applications. The JIT also provides access to the dynamic runtime information that can optimize in-lining functions used frequently.

Game development

The biggest advantage of Mono is that it can run on game consoles such as PlayStation 3,Wii,and Xbox 360. Game development is a major area that uses scripting technologies and Mono can develop performance-sensitive code in C with assistance from accelerated hardware, physical libraries and multi CPU processing to enhance the performance of a game.

Wider usage

There are millions of coders and programmers with experience building applications in C.. There are also plenty of online communities, blogs, forums and books to support Mono programmers for any clarification on the subject.

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