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“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg

Due to the increasing demand for online shopping and retailing, many online companies have adapted themselves to improve their visibility in the global search engines. This is because a majority of product search and research are done through popular search engines. At Asahi Technologies, we evaluate and analyze websites for search engine optimization, encompassing everything from keyword research, generation, copywriting, website redevelopment, creating incoming links, link submission and reporting on service results.

Online Visibility & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Ever since Google emerged as a search engine giant, the need to generate more traffic to a website requires online visibility in Google’s SERP (search engine result pages). Business enterprises and other sites found that a strong online presence can boost revenue sales, in addition to saving costs. Thus the importance and growth of SEM proved inevitable for internet sales. By 2006, expenditure on SEM advertising has overtaken traditional advertising.Advertisers in North America alone spent more than $13.5 billion dollars on SEM! The results proved the success of SEM in internet marketing and advertising in general.

The whole process is focused on four major metrics used by SEM analysts

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Web indexing on search engines
  • Web analytic tools

Advantages of Custom Software Development

  • Developers offer a complete range of services, including design, development, implementation and service.
  • Custom software solutions match the exact needs of every business requirements.
  • Easier to re-design and re-program, bringing down the overall costs.
  • Custom software solutions will never affect or interfere withsmooth functioning of the business.
  • Provides excellent flexibility that is required for small and medium range businesses to create profitable scenario.
  • Enables easy adaptability to changing market trends and scenario.
  • Coordinating different processes, custom software can effectively increase tasks met by the businesses, which will eventually lead to better productivity.
  • Simple and easy to use, since custom software is specifically developed according to capabilities of each and every employee and user

Custom Software development using Dot Net

Custom software development using Dot Net framework tool continues to be popular among programmers and developers. The ability to create a stable application which can be extended in accordance with the project makes it an ideal tool for creating custom software. Apart from being highly endurable, the tool is imbibed with a large library that gives higher scope for the developer, unlike many other tools comparable to the .NET framework. Along with a large library, the tool is compatible with other programming languages, enabling programmers to create custom software by combining their own source code with the .NET. Since Microsoft is the most widely used operating system in the world, the .NET is considered to be the preferred tool for custom software development.

Developed by Microsoft in the late 90’s, the .NET is designed to run exclusively on Microsoft Windows. The library of the tool offers user interface, data access, data connectivity and network communications. The .NET framework also features a common language runtime engine (CLR),. All programs executed under the CLR guarantee certain behavioral properties in the areas of memory management and security. Compatible with many other programming languages, the .NET is a preferred tool for custom software development. While many custom software development tools come as freeware or at an affordable price, the .NET tool comes with a heavy price tag. But the .NET is the only custom programming tool that features Interoperability, Language Independence, Base Class Library and Common Language Runtime Engine under one single roof.

Advantages using .NET in Custom software development

  • Create robust and stable applications
  • The increasing usage of Microsoft operating system in the global arena ensures that custom developed software using .NET will hold significant advantage.
  • Can produce and develop custom software combining source code with .NET and other libraries
  • Smooth Security mechanism, the .NET framework uses the Code Access security along with verification and validation. The Code Access Security analyzes all permissions given to the code.
  • Compatibility with several other programming languages.
  • An extremely large library enables .NET to create flexible custom software.
  • Handles memory management by itself, it detects and allocates/frees memory instantly.
  • The superior security design protects from vulnerability like buffer overflows from malicious software.
  • The portable version Portable.NET carries out common language infrastructure that can support almost all operating systems.
  • Impenetrable security mechanism that includes Code Access Security along with verification and validation.

Custom software development using PHP

Designed and developed for web development, PHP is now the most widely used tool for creating web content and custom programming. Developed for personal usage by Rasmus Ledorf, a Canada based Danish programmer, PHP was then known as personal home page tools which had its limitations. The major advantage in using PHP for custom programming is that unlike .NET and other programming languages, the whole tool is a freeware. Currently, all the custom web applications, B2C, B2B and e-commerce applications are designed with PHP only. Another advantage is that pages using PHP are generated quickly because scripts are processed on the server before being sent to the browser. Most custom developed software in the US and other offshore subsidiaries are now using PHP scripting.

A widely used scripting language in generating web content and development, PHP or personal home page is a freeware and a server side, scripting language which is now widely used to create and develop custom software. It is widely accepted as a universal language for developing custom software as well as web portal development.

Some features of PHP tool

  • The tool is practical to use, since the original intent of the developer was to increase its utility to the user.
  • Compact and simple in its ability to nest functions
  • Freeware accessible to everyone with computer and internet connection.
  • Innumerable amount of choices available, native support itself is offered for more than twenty five database products.
  • Create and edit Macromedia flash and PDF files.

Advantages using PHP in custom software development

  • Can be used for both command line and client side GUI applications.
  • Widely used application for developing custom software and web portals.
  • A PHP script can be done in one single line, unlike many other custom programming languages.
  • No need for mandatory inclusion of libraries.
  • Has fully developed patches for high security and web hosting environments.
  • Popular with all e-commerce, B2B and B2C applications.
  • Pages using PHP are generated faster.
  • Add, edit and delete content with ease.
  • Open source application, that is not necessity for an investment.
  • Any PHP application can be protected using PHPIDS.
  • Enables an efficient search engine optimization for web pages and applications.
  • There is no need to create or destroy the variable, PHP handles everything Sautomatically.
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