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Open Source

Are you looking for quality software solutions that are also cost effective? Open source technologies might be your best ally.

Adapting to an open source environment at the onset can be a difficult task. However, with help from a reputed solutions provider such as Asahi, the implementation can be done smoothly. There are plenty of advantages in leveraging open source technology, starting from a one-time investment to cost and time saving.

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Why Choose Asahi for Open Source Software Development?

  • We have built critical and time sensitive applications using open source technologies that have served the business goals of multiple clients.
  • We support major technologies and we keep updating our capabilities to provide solutions using emerging and popular technologies.
  • We understand the benefits and challenges in developing applications using major open source technologies. We choose the appropriate technology and framework that suits your needs and reduces the time to develop and market your software solutions.
  • Our open source development model is scalable and allows you to make rapid changes.
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Our Open Source Technology Services:

  • php development services
    PHP Development

    PHP is a preferred open source programming language for developers all over the world. Asahi Technologies builds personalized web applications, B2C, B2B and e-commerce solutions and offers custom web development services powered by PHP.

  • opensource framework
    Open Source Frameworks

    Asahi Technologies leverages widely used open source frameworks to develop a variety of web applications for our customers. These include rapid development PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Zend and Python frameworks such as Django, and PERL based Mojolicious. We also build social networks using tools such as Elgg, liferay, and PHPFox.

  • ruby on rails development
    Ruby on Rails (RoR)

    An open source web framework, Ruby on Rails, is optimized for increased productivity in development. Enhanced by a vibrant group of more than 2100 developers, the web framework has been successful in shrinking the time required for web application programming. As a result, RoR is widely adopted for building stable software applications.

  • content management system development
    Content Management Systems

    Add, edit and update web content in a snap without the help of a web master. Asahi powers your websites using trusted and popular open source Content Management Systems such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

  • shopping cart solutions company
    Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce

    We build dynamic and intuitive ecommerce and m-commerce solutions using open source tools such as Magento, Zen Cart, Broadleaf Commerce, OpenCart, OS Commerce, and Presta Shop. We give you the option to manage multiple stores, support multiple languages and help configure and customize the ecommerce website design for seamless shopping.

  • customer relationship management
    Open Source CRM

    Asahi supports and builds customer relationship management tools for customers using a number of open source CRM platforms such as Sugar CRM, Tiger, Goldmine, CivicCRM, and vTiger. Manage and enhance customer relationship and experience with ease using our custom CRM solutions built using open source tools.

Key Features

  • transparency

    Open Source software relies on and is enhanced by user comments and feedback. It allows users to see, review and modify it for improved performance.

  • application lifecycle management
    Stable Software

    Open source software is tested by users around the world for all kinds of issues and is updated periodically based on regular feedback. The result is stable software for development purposes.

  • community effect
    Community Effect

    Open source technology benefits from the involvement of the community. Large group of users who are united by a motive other than profit and this leads to bug-free technology.

  • operational management
    Rapid Development

    The use of open source tools and frameworks ensures rapid development of software. Development time is reduced because of the use of established frameworks.

  • cost effective
    Cost Effective

    You can build custom solutions that are cost effective using open source technology. It is inexpensive compared to proprietary solutions that do not allow for any customization.

  • ownership

    You own the rights to the applications you build. Features can be modified as per requirements at any time. Open standards support innovation.

why science

See Example

Why Science

Dr. Yvone wanted Asahi Technologies to provide a solution to impart STEM education in a fun way. We built a platform for kids to collaborate and learn in an interactive manner using the open source social networking engine – Elgg.

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