Django is a high-end Python framework that encourages pragmatic, simple designs and rapid development. It primarily focuses on automating the development process as much as possible, adhering strictly to the DRY principle. With the advent of smarter and high-performance technology systems, web and application development has become immense fun and convenient for professional developers today. Django Python framework functions as a powerful platform for intuitive and interactive web and application development, ensuring absolute flexibility and quality to the developers.

What Asahi Technologies Has to Offer?

Today, there are many leading companies whose core development environment includes high-level Python language, with Django web framework. Rich in features, robust, and highly scalable, this is a preferred technology choice for many large companies like PBS, Pinterest, Google, and Instagram. Asahi Technologies is a leading web and applications development company, which works on Python language with the Django web framework as one of its critical development environment. The core features and flexibility of working with Django makes it a preferred choice for web and application development.

Here are some key benefits of working with the Django web framework that we pass on to our clients, designing and developing web applications that are highly intuitive, interactive, and customized as per core business needs.

  • Scalability and Agility: Unlike other web development frameworks, Django features significant scalability and agility, enabling rapid prototyping, and can be easily scaled to millions of web users.
  • Internationalization: Django Python framework provides full support for multiple language applications, enabling Asahi Technologies to highlight the language specific functionality in the process of developing intuitive and customized applications for the global audience.
  • Maintainability: Asahi Technologies work on Python language, one of the most popularly used programming languages across the world. With Django web framework, we put an emphasis on easy maintainability and clear readability, which is a key benefit of working with this robust and flexible development platform.

Key Features of Django Framework Developed By Asahi Technologies

Python is an addictive programming language that ensures absolute flexibility and ease of web application development. Undoubtedly, Django is a perfect seasoning on it, successfully bringing out and enhancing the core functionalities of the language. At Asahi Technologies, our team of Python developers is currently concentrating on Django application development, undertaking and successfully delivering project complexities of any level. The key features of Django framework developed by Asahi Technologies are:

  • Elegant URL design: Design cruft-free, pretty URLs with no limitations of web framework. Be as much flexible as you wish with our Django technology.
  • Object-relational mapper: Asahi Technologies use the Django framework to define the data models completely in Python. With this, you get dynamic, rich database-access API for free, and can even write SQL if necessary.
  • Template system: We use Django’s extensible, design friendly, and powerful template language to separate content, design, and Python code.
  • Automatic admin interface: Asahi Technologies work on Django to avoid creating interfaces to add and update content, since it is done automatically.
  • Cache system: Django facilitates memcached and other cache frameworks for boosting performance.
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