Zend Framework

Zend is an open source tool built on PHP5 for web application development. Withstanding competition from Ruby on Rails and Spring frameworks, the brilliant architecture of Zend ensured that it gained recognition among web developers. Within a few years of its release, Zend framework is now used by thousands of developers to create web applications. Perhaps the USP of Zend is its MVC (model view controller) architecture, which separates data and user interface, enabling developers to alter the database without affecting the user interface.

  • High flexibility in applications development
  • Support for all multi-database,including oracle, MySQL and SQlite
  • Cache sub-system for back-end memory and other file systems
  • Compatible with all debugging tools.

Advantages of Zend Framework

  • Flexible architecture renders interactive web applications with ease
  • MVC architecture distinguishes business logic from interface design
  • Change user interface without affecting the data
  • Highly Modular MVC(model view controller) design makes coding reusable and easier to maintain
  • Extensive library that can be used readily for all applications.
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