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“If people follow you, you are doing something right.”

Start a social networking community today, a fan site, or an education project with Oxwall, the powerful free open source community software!!

Awarded the people’s choice for best social networking solution 2012, Oxwall is an exceptionally easy to use and flexible PHP/MySQL social networking software platform. With the importance of having a strong social network being increasingly felt by the businesses today, Oxwall provides the flexibility and scalability to seamlessly design and develop social networks and communities that are rich in interesting features, user friendliness, and functionalities. Its core flexibility completely changes the way social networks are built today, leveraging Oxwall plugins that form the complete part of Oxwall functionalities, used for diverse purposes.

As a powerful and intuitive social networking platform, Oxwall can be used for diverse levels of social networks development projects, right from amateur websites to the more complex, custom networks for the larger enterprise communities. The core software includes different features like page and profile customization, friends networking, upload or share content, and built in SEO. At the same time, Oxwall makes sure that the core product and plugins are compatible to the existing architecture, ensuring simplicity in the development and update process. Adding to the delight, it can be used as a full-featured social networking solution for the website.

How Asahi Technologies Can Help?

Asahi Technologies provides highest levels of professional and reliable services in building powerful social networks. With years of skilled experience, our team focuses on finding the best solution for any type of social networking project, achieving service excellence and customer satisfaction. We offer a comprehensive range of products from Oxwall, right from family websites and custom social networks to enterprise community solutions and collaboration tools. Whether you want to develop a community site or planning to set up a perfect destination for your customers to interact with your brand or business, our Oxwall development services are for you.

Why Choose Asahi Technologies?

Hiring Asahi Technologies for Oxwall development ensures complete peace of mind that your social network project is in good hands. We intrinsically leverage on the core features of Oxwall social networking platform, delivering benefits that are unparalleled in the industry. Some of the top reasons behind choosing our Oxwall development services are:

  • Profile customization and robust protection
  • Easy-to-use tools for video and photo sharing;
  • Fast updating process
  • File sharing, video-conference tools, and collaboration
  • Built-in groups, events, friends and other core features
  • Wide range of tools for enhanced website customization
  • Tag, rate, or comment any kind of content
  • Forums, wiki, and blogs are also available to enhance user capabilities and experience
  • Built in search engine optimization
  • Immense simplicity and user friendliness
  • Multiple language support
  • 100% user are translation support
  • Proven performance

In addition to this, we offer diverse enhanced features for the users and administration, pertaining to Oxwall development.

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