The Asahi Technologies employee community

At Asahi Technologies, our team is a healthy mix of creative thinkers and innovative engineers who believe that passion is the key to driving excellence. We enthusiastically embrace and work for what really matters – client success. Our team comprises of talented and experienced designers, developers, business analysts, quality control engineers, and project managers who believe in making a difference to our clients.

Meet some of our team members who have helped our clients solve complex business challenges:


“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant

At Asahi Technologies, work-life balance, teamwork, and constant learning is the order of the day. We provide equal opportunity employment, with transparent organizational practices, good remuneration, and excellent career development opportunities. We are always seeking out committed employees with commendable work ethics.

If you are a geek in coding or a stickler for perfection, Asahi Technologies awaits to on-board you. We constantly look for individuals with a passion for technology and willing to be a part of a growing environment.

If you are a looking to make a difference by addressing real world business challenges through technology, please e-mail your resume to

Founder and CEO

We live in an increasingly global and connected world that requires dynamic solutions for today’s highly complex business challenges. Our clients come to us because they understand that mediocrity is not an option anymore and that excellence is a necessity for survival. Asahi Technologies has been driving excellence and delivering quality solutions to global clients for more than a decade.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.”

– Aristotle

My passion for science and technology, and its role in improving quality of life led me to pursue a career in software engineering. After a successful career designing and developing software applications for legal businesses in New York, I followed through on my personal dream – harnessing technology to help startup,small and medium enterprises with their technology challenges. Asahi Technologies was born as a result of this dream.

Customer Service Excellence-Key Driver to Success

With over two decades of IT industry experience, both as a software engineer and an entrepreneur, I find nothing more gratifying than client appreciation. As the founder of Asahi Technologies, my goal is to nurture an internal culture with three core ingredients for driving excellence – a process driven approach, skilled resources, and commitment to quality.In my opinion, Asahi Technologies can continue to delight customers, as we have been doing in the past, only by adopting a ‘zero compromise’ work ethic.

Being a software engineer myself, I understand the intricacies behind developing solutions that delight customers. But, as a CEO, I utilize my experience to communicate with and guide my team towards a shared objective – client success.

While I enjoy participating in extreme adventure sports such as sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc., the real adrenalin rush for me is when Asahi Technologies helps clients arrive at solutions addressing their specific business challenges.

I hope to hear from you and I am confident you will enjoy working with our team.

For me, the most interesting aspect of my work at Asahi Technologies is interacting with the diverse talent that is attracted to the company. Whether it is our clients, or our team of engineers and developers, I enjoy being able to work with an incredibly diverse and multicultural group of people across the globe. With every project launch, be it a brand new product, or existing platform enhancements,I find it deeply rewarding to know that we have helped our clients realize their business goals.

My job entails working closely with both clients and software engineers. I therefore try to maintain a schedule that ensures clear communication and updates to all stakeholders involved. My day typically starts late in the evening, holding meetings with our teams in India, with daily activity briefs and progress review. I help teams set specific goals for the day.After a follow up in the morning with the team of engineers, my work requires me to interact with our US based clients. This routine iterates through the lifecycle of our projects to help maintain a high level of control and transparency.

Outside of work, I have a few hobbies and passions I like to indulge in, not that I can normally find time to indulge in all of them. I have a deep fascination with the study of history,specifically on the early founding period of the United States. It’s a pleasure to read and learn about the various personalities that helped devise and shape the world we live in today.I also like to maintain an active lifestyle, and am an avid cyclist, but only during the warmer months of the year. My favorite hobby is traveling around the northeast U.S. to participate in group rides, taking in some of the country’s more scenic landscapes.

Asahi Technologies is where I “REINVENTED” myself. It has given me an opportunity to explore my capabilities and deliver HR solutions holistically.

The most gratifying aspect of my job has been the adoption of a participative approach to decision making. I love the freedom of thought that the Asahi culture nurtures and the support provided to execute new ideas.

For me, each day starts with a special enthusiasm and energy completely focused on ‘delivering’. What interests me most in my job at Asahi Technologies is the organizational belief that cross-pollination of thoughts is the way to success. As a result, we spread the culture of participative management at every level and encourage all team members to play a role in organizational growth and development.

At Asahi Technologies, no two days have been the same for me. Everyday is interestingly different, and has something new to offer. Some days are dynamic while other days are about handling routine work.

My typical day entails looking for and identifying the right-fit resources to build the team, and exploring various engagement parameters to make work more fun for Asahi employees.

I believe it is important for every individual to have a fulfilling life outside of work. A big movie buff, I enjoy reading, writing, cooking and parenting.

On most weekends, you would either find me experimenting with my culinary skills, watching the latest blockbuster, or simply indulging in my pastime of writing. I am a professional blogger who loves blogging about real life experiences. With a dash of humor, I enjoy blogging about my past experiences and observations in day to day life that I find interesting. Moreover, things that have a big impact on our life such as parenting and self help insights also help me create interesting articles for my readers. They are either humored by reading the article, or are left with a lingering thought, from associating the story in my article with some experiences from their own life.

I really enjoy ‘Project Planning’ meetings with my team here at Asahi Technologies. Every engineer in my team brings new ideas to table, and I choose the best approach based on my years of experience developing applications. I’ve always been passionate about technology, and that has been my thriving force to stay on top of the latest web development tools and to learn about the next big thing in technology. With every project commencement, I ensure that we use the best architecture, proper coding standards and strictly adhere to industry standard software development methodologies and procedures, be it Waterfall model or Agile model.

My job involves working with and managing my team comprising software engineers and developers in open source technologies. The day starts with a status meeting to check on the progress of each project to ensure that everything is on track. If I identify any blockers that I feel would impair the progress of project, I prioritize them and find solutions to resolve the bottleneck as soon as possible so that, we as a team adhere to the delivery schedule as closely as possible. I perform periodic code reviews to ensure that proper coding standards are followed, and work closely with the quality assurance team to deploy development builds to staging environments for software testing. Being a lead engineer, I know that every decision I make on behalf of my team,right from software design to project release, has a bearing on the end product, and client experience with it.

I am a thrill seeker. I love thrill rides, and have experimented with bungee jumping, skydiving and other adventure sports. I like to go for long drives and finish that off with a cup of hot chocolate. I am extremely passionate about game development, and create my own game stories to develop them in my leisure time. I have released a few arcade game titles and recently moved on to multi player games. One of my favorite hobbies is bowling; I do for it at least once every week

As we use various open source technologies to build web based solutions for our clients, each client approaches us with a unique challenge that requires me to engage closely with my team during discovery phase, to understand every client’s requirement, in detail. To me, the interesting aspect of my work at Asahi Technologies is, working with the latest technologies and frameworks that make life easy for our clients. The most gratifying aspect of my job is when clients express their appreciation for the work we do. What I like most about working at Asahi Technologies is the opportunity to explore technologies & frameworks that are new to the market, and the management team that is always open to new ideas & suggestions.

My typical day at work starts with analysis of the day-to-day tasks assigned to me. We follow a meticulous process to track, analyze, and estimate the effort required for tasks,through task management tools. I make sure that the milestone defined at each phase of the project is met, as defined in the project requirements. Over the years, I have developed expertise with several technologies & frameworks including WordPress, PhPFox, CodeIgnitor, and ELGG.

Outside of work, I spend time meeting friends on weekends and chilling out with them. Since my childhood days, I’ve been an avid soccer player. I never miss out on a premier soccer league match happening anywhere in the world. I’m a diehard fan of Manchester united. I also like to spend vacations trekking with friends in remote locations. I also actively participate and make presentations in open source technology meetups.

The aspect of my daily work that interests me most is doing code reviews. I learn from reviewing my team member’s code, or make suggestions for improving what’s already written. Being part of a passionate team, I look forward to new challenges every day, that provide me the opportunity to learn and implement new technologies and frameworks. Whether I am building a web portal or developing a product from scratch, I enjoy programming and being able to work on the technology side.

My typical day at work involves analyzing the day-to-day tasks assigned to me, debugging, coding, writing unit tests, and collaborating with my team members to build the best possible solution. Because we work on open source technologies, it is very convenient to find solutions online for issues that are otherwise very complex. I’ve worked on a number of custom apps using CodeIgnitor, WordPress, Drupal and other open source platforms & frameworks.

When I am not building great apps for my clients, I can be seen biking or playing basket-ball at the park. I enjoy bike rides with friends on weekends in the beach and on highways. I have always had a deep fascination for dancing and have participated in many cultural competitions in my college days. Participating in dance reality shows has been my lifelong dream. I also practice yoga when possible.