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PHP web development company

PHP web development company

The most powerful tool for creating web content


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PHP Development

Developed as a powerful web development framework, PHP is the most powerful tool for creating web content. Initially known as personal home page tools, the PHP scripting language had its limitations, but remained a free and open source tool attracting developers all over the world to program web applications.

Currently all major web applications, B2C, B2B and e-commerce applications are designed only with PHP. The biggest advantage is that pages using PHP are generated quickly because scripts are processed on the server before sending to the browser. Most custom developed software in the US and other offshore subsidiaries are now using PHP scripting.

It is widely accepted as a universal language for developing custom software as well as web portal development.

Some features of PHP tool

  • Compact and simple in its ability to nest functions
  • Innumerable amount of choices available, native support is offered to more than 25 database products.
  • Create and edit Macromedia flash and PDF files.

Advantages using PHP in Web Development

  • Can be used for both command line and client side GUI applications.
  • Widely used application for developing custom software and web portals.
  • A PHP script can be done in a single line, unlike other complex programming languages.
  • No need for mandatory inclusion of libraries.
  • Has fully developed patches for high security and web hosting environments.
  • Popular with all e-commerce, B2B and B2C applications.
  • Pages using PHP are generated faster.
  • Add, edit and delete content with ease.
  • Any PHP application can be protected using PHPIDS.
  • Enables an efficient search engine optimization for web pages and applications.
  • There is no need to create or destroy the variable, PHP handles everything automatically.

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