Phpfox Framework

PHPFox is powerful social networking PHP script, packed with intrinsic capabilities, essential for building a social community that enables businesses to create their unique niche social networking website. To create a social networking websites, it is important to start with a script as well as maintain it. This is where PHPFox comes intopicture. It serves as a strong support, helping developers to upload interesting and relevant videos to the website. This social networking script can also convert the videos directly into .FLV format. This enables the members to view different videos in Flash video player available on the website, with just a mere click of the mouse.

The social network script also features various functionalities like segmenting groups, offering polls, holding quizzes, running classifieds, presenting RSS feeds, covering special events, and offering different forms of chat and instant messaging services within the social website. Adding to the delight, PHPFox brings with itself a gamut of plug-ins, modules, themes, and hacks that makes it a powerful product for social website designing and development.

Features of PHPFox

  • Highly scalable and reliable
  • Ensures easy editing of the source code of PHPFox since it is not encrypted
  • Download over 1633 add-ons to improve user experience
  • A strong social community with more than 51,267 active members
  • Supports MySQL Database
  • Easily create an account with Single Sign On feature

How Asahi Technologies Can Help?

Want to build a social network with customized functionalities and features? Asahi Technologies offer the best solution in social website development, PHPFox. We can seamlessly customize this powerful social network script, offering professional services in a cost efficient manner. Our team possesses the knowledge and expertise in successfully delivering any type of PHPFox development and customization projects, ranging from the simple vanilla ones to the more complex implementation. PHPFox is stuffed with robust features, and can be easily customized, which makes it simple for us to develop custom social websites.

Asahi Technologies will guide you all throughout the website development process, suggesting and implementing the best possible solutions for your business. Withstate of the art development services and professional workforce, we focus on fulfilling core business needs, creating a strong social environment that is rich in advanced technology features yet intuitive and user friendly in nature. In simple words, we help you connect to your target audience via a social community that is engaging and interactive in nature.

Our PHPFox Custom Solutions

With years of professional experience, blended with innovation and creativity, Asahi Technologies design and develop the most attractive and compelling PHPFox social networking website for your customers or employees. At the same time, we focus on reducing the overall development cost of your website. Our core PHPFox solutions include:

  • Custom theme development
  • Custom Design & Development
  • Social networking website development
  • PHPFox Script installation
  • PHPFox Customization
  • PHPFox implementation
  • Apps development
  • Customized plug-ins and modules
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades
  • Support & maintenance services
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