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Sage ACT! is a pioneering Customer Relationship Management software that makes it exceptionally easier for businesses and sales team to oversee activities related to their calendars or contact. It is typically a business’ command center that gives the professionals the core ability to access relevant and important customer details quickly, and connect to another application essential for business operation. The software allows the users to seamlessly build and maintain long-lasting relationships with their business clients, thus, making it significantly essential for sales. In brief, Sage ACT! is the most preferred customer and contact management choice of sales teams, having a global user base of more than 2.8 million.

Asahi Technologies – Offering Innovative Sage ACT! Products and Services to Business Clients

Asahi Technologies possess keen knowledge and expertise in Sage ACT! CRM solution, offering a range of products and services that are uniquely designed to meet the ever-changing business needs today. Our professionals have worked closely with Sage Act!, gaining the experience and expertise necessary for offering effective implementation and consulting services in the different Sage Act! products. At the same time, we offer custom Sage Act! services to meet core business requirements, ensuring that you can effectively manage and mitigate your risks for the years to come.

Our Services:

Asahi Technologies, in association with Sage Act!, makes it exceptionally easier for businesses to manage anything and everything pertaining to their calendar and contacts. We offer comprehensive consulting and implementation services for the complete suite of Sage Act! products, ensuring that you can choose the best solution in effective contact and customer relationship management.

  • Sage Act! Pro: Sage Act! Pro is an effective contact and customer management solution that makes it remarkably easier to manage anything and everything pertaining to business calendar and contacts. It serves as a business command center that provides important customer relationship details, and also connects to critical business services, social media, and web-based and desktop productivity tools to generate improved results. It is particularly designed for teams and individuals of up to 10 users, and provides a single view of customer contact info, meeting notes, emails, to-do notes, and activities. At the same time, Asahi Technologies integrate Sage Act! Pro with Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn, Google, and other social media sites.
  • Sage Act! Premium: Asahi Technologies offer dedicated services in Sage Act! Premium implementation and consulting, making it simple to develop relevant conversations with your customers, having a more organized view of everyone with whom you are in business. We also make it easier to stay connected to your business while on the move with Sage Act! Premium Mobile software implementation and consulting.

With Sage Act!, Asahi Technologies initiates social updates and sharing in the most effective manner, staying connected with your everyone with whom you do business.

Why Choose Asahi Technologies?

Asahi Technologies ensure:

  • Effective Sage Act! implementation and consulting
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Module development and implementation
  • Application development
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Cost-effective contact and customer management solution
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