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    Silverstripe CMS Development

    “Someone outside your organisation today knows how to answer your specific question, solve your specific problem or take advantage of your current opportunity better than you do. You need to find them and find a way to work collaboratively and productively with them.” - lan Lafley, CEO Proctor & Gamble

    SilverStripe is an open sourceand free web content management system released under the BSD license for developing and managing websites. Originating from New Zealand, the core of the software is from SilverStripe framework, which is based on PHP web application framework. Offering a whiff if fresh air with its simplicity, unique features and out of the box solutions, SilverStripe stands out in crowded market place of web CMS. Known for its extensible administration panel and smooth transition tomobile environment, SilverStripe is one of the fastest growing CMS platforms around the world.

    What makes SilverStripe so special?

    The installation of SilverStripe impresses any user, it is quick and is considered the fastest among its contemporaries with the whole process much easier without any complications. SilverStripe has the most appealing and well-organized administration panel, each page is embedded with a metadata tab that allows you to edit URL’s, page titles, descriptions and keywords directly.

    Moreover, as the user you have complete control over issues like individual permissions, comment management and media management. With its advanced security features like IP address restriction, SilverStripe isn’t prone to hackers and unsusceptible to malicious spammers. The media management also simple, with just a few clicks you can upload your media files and preview them directly.

    SilverStripe Mobile Development

    Perhaps the most striking feature of SilverStripe is its mobile adaptability extension. The free extension allows developers to build websites for mobile devices. As people are increasingly moving towards mobile web browsing, choosing this may just be an apt choice. Also with SilverStripe’s templating language, creating mobile templates can be done with ease.

    Features of SilverStripe CMS:

    • Simple Media management
    • IP address restriction control
    • Responsive Design Support
    • Fully searchable instruction database
    • Multiple templates per page
    • Additional administration UI
    • Metadata Management
    • Configurable Security System
    • Drag and Drop tree based navigation
    • Workflow management

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