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Social Networking is an effective way to create your unique website or online community that gains you maximum visibility, quality leads, and better conversions. At Asahi Technologies, we leverage robust social network engine technologies to help businesses build feature-rich, compelling and engaging social networking environments. Social Network Engines power thousands of custom-designed, interactive and user-friendly social websites, thus, giving you a fantastic opportunity to connect to a larger global audience.

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Why Choose Asahi Technologies for Social Network Engine Development?

  • We offer comprehensive services in social network engine consulting, training, and development, giving your business a competitive edge.
  • Next-generation social network engine technologies to build a powerful and compelling social environment –
    • Jcow
    • Elgg
    • PHPFox
  • A team of proficient developers to cater to the unique demands of clients spread across the globe
  • We are up-to-date with key features and latest trends in social system, helping our clients handle their social connections effortlessly
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Our Social Network Engine Development Services Include:

  • custom website development
    Website Development

    We are experts in building social websites that are robust, compelling, interactive, and delivers you the best value.

  • website maintanance services
    Template Customization

    Asahi Technologies has vast capabilities in customizing an array of design templates for your social website, giving it a more personalized appeal.

  • turnkey website design
    Website Designing and Maintenance

    We design world-class, visually appealing and relevant websites that get your instant attention. We also offer website maintenance services.

  • performance testing
    3rd Party Application Integration – Our expert developers will integrate third party

    Party Application Integration – Our expert developers will integrate third party applications to your website to give it a broader perspective and reach.

  • webobjects development
    Social Engine Plugin Development and Customization

    To make sure that your website performs efficiently, we develop and customize a wide range of social engine plugins.

  • iPhone Apps development
    Mobile and Tablet Enabled Search Engine

    We integrate your social network engine with mobile and tablet to give it more visibility and prominence for a larger global audience.

Key Features

  • 100% ownership and complete control
    100% ownership and complete control
  • 3rd party application and plugin integration
    3rd party application and plugin integration
  • Membership level management
    Membership level management
  • Self hosting
    Self hosting
  • Multi social frameworks
    Multi social frameworks
  • Drag and drop content management
    Drag and drop content management
  • Secure
  • Fully encrypted source code
    Fully encrypted source code
  • User guide and documentation
    User guide and documentation
  • Enhanced flexibility on add-ons
    Enhanced flexibility on add-ons

See Example

My Coop

How to connect residents in a building with their neighbors while keeping their privacy intact? This was the challenge for Asahi Technologies. Mr. Alex Norman approached Asahi with the primary goal of leveraging technology to bridge the social gap between residents in a building. We built a private social networking platform using Elgg that would solve the challenge of connecting neighbors in a building without invading each other’s privacy.

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We have built custom software solutions for a wide range of clients that represent different industries.

  • Fedex
  • Aries Soft
  • MyCoop
  • Why Science
  • Panasonic
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