SplendidCRM is an open source Customer Relationship Management platform; the best choice for enterprises running on Windows. Presenting rich features and intuitiveness, SplendidCRM continuously upgrades itself to deliver improved operational efficiency and better decision making. Particularly designed for companies who have an investment in Microsoft-based servers, SplendidCRM can significantly reduce your costs yet delivering reliable and quality services that achieves 100% customer delight.

Some of the key features of SplendidCRM that contributes to core Customer Relationship Management are:

  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Case Management
  • Contact Management
  • Account Relationships
  • Activities and Tasks
  • Lead Tracking
  • Forums and Threads
  • Bug Tracking
  • Employee Directory
  • Product Management
  • Payments and credit card Management
  • Quotes, Orders and Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Contracts
  • Mobile Support

What Asahi Technologies Has to Offer?

With custom-designed SplendidCRM solution from Asahi Technologies, enjoy automated services on scalable and reliable C# and Micrsoft.NET platforms. Choosing us for custom SplendidCRM implementation means that you can reduce your operational costs significantly, but at the same time, provide the highest standard quality that your customers demand. The key benefits that you can enjoy with Asahi Technologies-based Splendid CRM solution is discussed herewith:

  • Multiple user capabilities: Your SplendidCRM software can be seamlessly customized by our professional engineers at Asahi Technologies, allowing the administrator to easily create multiple user IDs to essentially collaborate and work across different departments. This open source CRM platform is powered by multiple user capabilities that add to the improved efficiency and performance.
  • Integrate existing technology: Asahi Technologies-designed SplendidCRM software helps your business to integrate its existing Microsoft-based technology into an intuitive and user-friendly platform. We can quickly customize the CRM solution to be a robust and easy to use web interface, which can essentially handle the core functionalities and features of Customer Relationship Management such as marketing, sales, and customer support.
  • Share important documents across multiple departments: Asahi Technologies can essentially customize SplendidCRM solution to allow enterprises to access and share documents, emails, and invoices across multiple departments. Based on specific requirements, your customized SplendidCRM platform can efficiently handle activities that include maintaining a record of leads generated to monitoring lead conversions. At the same time, it can be leveraged to undertake essential marketing campaigns, as well as up sell and cross selling of products and services.

Why You Should Choose Us for SplendidCRM Implementation?

At Asahi Technologies, we have an expert CRM team who posses rich experience in the implementation and customization of Microsoft .Net based version of SplendidCRM. From consulting to implementation, customization, and training, our services at Asahi Technologies make it possible for you to:

  • Incorporate the core CRM system into overall business strategy
  • Bridge the gap between marketing and sales department
  • Focus on core business objectives rather than focusing on technology, which we are there to take care of
  • Reduce your operational costs while improving quality and reliability of your customer-oriented services
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