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Sugar CRM Development

Sugar CRM Development

Manage relationships among customers, suppliers and prospective clients with ease

Sugar CRM Development

Sugar CRM is an illustrious and effective software application that manages relationships among customers, suppliers and prospective clients and provides live information ondeal progression. Though there is plenty of competition from other CRM vendors like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Concentrix, and Open CRM, Sugar CRM holds a significant advantage over them.

Features of Sugar CRM

  • Free and open source tool also available as a commercial edition
  • Easier to build and maintain relationships with broader adoption and feedback from the community
  • Strong Visual Design and enhanced architecture
  • Significant user customization for all options
  • Categorize and segment contacts to groups with attributes

Business advantages of Sugar CRM over other CRM vendors

  • Versatile software compatible with Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL
  • Features include sales management and marketing campaigns tools
  • Built-in administration module for tasks like workflow alignment, alerts and field modification
  • Store, organize and share documents easily using document management feature.
  • Manage customers through entire lifecycle with workflow functionality
  • Simple and easy project, content and document management.

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