Acquire competitive advantage with our customized and interactive PHP solutions

Asahi Technologies works collaboratively with you to offer cutting-edge, bespoke PHP development services after thoroughly understanding your business requirements. We boost your digital presence by building cutting edge websites using the best frameworks and tools in PHP. Our highly skilled and experienced PHP programmers have worked on diverse web development, e-commerce, and social networking projects.

Here are a few reasons why LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) is widely used for web development:

  • Availability of frameworks: PHP offers numerous Model-view-contoller (MVC) frameworks for ecommerce, social network, and custom web development for B2B or B2C applications.
  • CMS options: Whether you are a startup looking for a simple blog, or an enterprise looking for a comprehensive web portal with content management capabilities, PHP has it all. We work extensively with the following PHP based CMS:
  • Rapid application development: PHP being a scripting language, web pages are generated faster without the need for compilation. This drastically reduces the time for the development and test life cycle, thus making it an ideal choice for web development.
  • Secure web development: PHP has cutting-edge tools such as PHP-Intrusion Detection System (PHPIDS) that provide state-of-the-art security for yourweb application.

Here are some of the frameworks we specialize in:

  • Zend: Built on PHP5, Zend is a high performance open source framework that is modular,secure, and enterprise ready.
  • CakePhP: Built as a Rapid development framework for PhP, CakePHP uses commonly known design patterns such as Associative Data Mapping, and provides built-in tools for secure input validation.
  • Codeigniter: A simple and elegant PHP framework known for its small footprint, Codeigniter is ideal for full-features web applications.
  • Laravel: The most popular PHP framework in the market, Laravel is powerful, with an expressive and elegant syntax. There are simple components for tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.
  • Symfony: Another leading framework similar to Laravel, on which enterprise PHP applications such as Drupal are built.

Over the course of the previous decade, we’ve built several solutions in PhP.

Web Portals

Web development and PHP portal solutions are among our core competencies. We’ve developed advanced PHP solutions for a range of businesses:

  • Business and promotional websites for the retail domain
  • Customer portals for law firms in DC Metro
  • Comprehensive web-based solutions for high-end businesses on Wall Street offering niche services, such as investment advice for mutual funds dealing with high yield and investment grade bonds

PHP Programming and Scripting

Our team of expert PHP developers and experienced quality control engineers deliver high quality, custom PHP programming solutions for projects in which you are looking to harness the open source scripting potential of PHP programming language.

E-commerce Development Services

Our team has built end-to-end e-commerce portals for numerous retail businesses requiring an online presence for their B2C and B2B clients, to handle transactions securely. We have experience with various PHP based eCommerce technologies such as:

  • Magento
  • OSCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • AbanteCart

Social Networking Solutions

Our cutting edge technology and customer-centric approach has enabled us to consistently meet the evolving requirements of our clients. We’ve built social networking sites with extensive sets of features including e-mail or Facebook login, e-commerce, discussion forums, user notifications, site search, news, video, and blog integration. Our team has worked extensively on PhP-based next generation social networking technologies, namely:

  • JCow
  • ELGG
  • PhPFox
  • Oxwall

Why Asahi Technologies?

Our rich, decade-long experience in PHP based technologies in building several solutions for our clients ensures that your organization gets the best technology solution for your unique business needs. Some of our key differentiators are:

  • Flexible engagement models
  • Adherence to industry standard software development methodology
  • Strict enforcement of IP protection measures
  • Global delivery model
  • Warranty, maintenance and support for all our projects

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