Jump start your business with advanced Ruby on Rails solutions

Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework is a well-established framework popular with clients because of the ease with which the RoR solution can be implemented to fulfil business needs. It is extremely agile and responsive, making it ideal for developing web applications. We have implemented various RoR solutions for clients in diverse industries, ranging from collaborative social networking solutions to enterprise web applications

Here are some of the reasons why RoR is a preferred choice for building custom web applications

  • Multi-tier Architecture: RoR is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. MVC provides easy isolation of the view, business logic, and database layers, making it easy to allocate development resources based on skill level. For instance, developers working on the view layer need to be more focused on design, and look and feel aspects, whereas developers working on the business logic layer need to be more focused on functional aspects of the application. Its Model-View-Controller principle allows the source code in various layers to be structured into files and directories, which makes version control seamless.
  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Principles: The MVC pattern provides better code organization capabilities and scalability, facilitating code reuse. Don’t repeat principles reduce code repetition to the maximum, making it easy to make any future modifications without having to worry about repeating code changes in other places.
  • Scaffolding: The scaffolding option lets users create immediate prototypes for projects. Backend admin features such as connecting to a database to run queries, sort, and search can be powered by scaffolding, and it takes only a few hours to set it up.
  • Fast Development Time: RoR is structured for fast development of solutions, and it does that by providing full capability to gather information from the web server, query the database, and render templates. This enables RoR programmers to write less code and execute applications quicker.
  • Automation Testing: The automation testing tool for RoR, Cucumber, is based on the Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework that is used to write acceptance and integration tests for web applications. It allows automation of functional validation by allowing developers to write software behaviour rules in simple text, making it easy for business analysts, developers, and testers to understand them.
  • Convention over Configuration: Its Convention over Configuration principle aims to reduce time and effort taken by a developer to build an application. Conventions keep the code clean and provide an easy way to navigate through the application.

Why Asahi Technologies?

Ruby on rails is an efficient open source framework that offers several convenient features such as easy-to-use default structures, and facilitates the use of web standards, HTML and more. Our developers and project managers bring in-depth expertise in leveraging Ruby on Rails for large organizations as well as startups.

The highlights of our highly evolved RoR solutions are:

  • Integrated Development: We understand your business objectives and build flexible RoR solutions that integrate well with your existing applications.
  • Adherence to Brand Guidelines: The Asahi Technologies team collaborates with you to ensure brand guideline adherence and develop solutions that match your aesthetic requirements.
  • End-to-end Testing: All our projects go through rigorous testing to ensure top-notch quality of deliverables. Automation scripts written by our team allow us to deliver solutions that can be easily scaled to meet the growth requirements of your business.
  • Robust Software Development Process: We follow well-established software development methodologies that make your entire experience with us, seamless.
  • Domain Knowledge: Our team of highly skilled business analysts are knowledgeable in various domains, namely legal, financial, and retail, as seen from our client portfolio.
  • Cross Platform and Device Support: Our solutions are:
    • Platform agnostic: Web applications that work in diverse operating systems
    • Device agnostic: We build responsive solutions that work on multiple devices including smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac
  • Client Focus: We consider ourselves stakeholders in your organization and take a partnership approach in all our engagements.

Here are the key RoR frameworks/tools we work with:

  • E-Commerce: Spree Commerce
  • CMS: Refinery, Locomotive
  • Databases: Mongo DB, My SQL
  • Testing Tools:Cucumber, Rspec, Selenium
  • CSS Extension Language: SCSS
  • Template Engines & Frameworks: SLIM, HAML and Bootstrap

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