Waterfall SDLC

Sequential approach to software development

Every application development follows a certain methodology. Waterfall SDLC is a sequential software development methodology. In this approach, software application development follows the order of requirements gathering, programming, testing, deployment and maintenance.

At Asahi Technologies, we consider the pros and cons of choosing an appropriate approach that will meet the needs of our clients within the time stipulated for a project. The Waterfall life cycle Model is one of the methodologies (but not the only methodology) we adopt for software development.

Theoretically, this method follows a certain sequence or set of phases and there is no iteration in the activities involved. The approach begins with capturing the business requirements from the customer, gathering system specification details, leading to system design, component design, software development, system testing, user acceptance testing, support and maintenance.

Each phase has its set of deliverables before the next phase begins to help the client assess the quality and progress of the work done.

Following is a figure that encapsulates the distinct phases involved in the Waterfall Model of software development.

Benefits of Waterfall Model

  • Simple and easy flow
  • Each phase lays out its deliverable, followed by a validation process
  • Excellent work progress tracking system
  • Best option for smaller projects where business requirements are captured in advance
  • Simple and feasible
  • Includes a verification process to monitor and resolve errors.

The biggest drawback with this model is that once a phase is completed, there is no going back. The only option if one wants to go back to a previous phase in the life cycle is by going back to the drawing board and designing from scratch. Therefore, this makes the Waterfall model a good fit for smaller open source projects using Magento, Joomla, WordPress (where the requirements can be clearly defined upfront), but not for custom programming requirements where the business needs are constantly evolving.

However, when the clear software requirements and specification are available well ahead of time, Waterfall methodology might be ideally suited for such a project as it is a highly structured, and linear approach to software development.

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