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Web Analytics Services

Are you a global business enterprise looking to make a seamless strategic decision on how to position your next online marketing campaign? Are you a small business owner seeking deep insight on how to drive your users to interact with your website? Google Analytics can provide comprehensive information essential to make knowledgeable and well-informed strategic decisions pertaining to your business presence online. Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that helps in tracking every element of your website, and generating comprehensive reports.

Google Analytics not only allows you to track and measure sales and conversions, but also gives you the power of fresh and informative insights into how the visitors have arrived on your website, how they use your site, and most importantly, how to keep them coming back over and over again. With this view, Google Analytics are built on core web analytics tools like analysis, advertising analytics, content analytics, social analytics, conversion analytics, and mobile analytics.

However, Google Analytics is good at providing you all necessary insights and knowledge about how your website is performing, but it depends completely on your experience and skill how to extract the most out of this powerful web analytics tool, and utilize it in making strategic business decisions.

How Asahi Technologies Can Help?

This is where Asahi Technologies come into the picture. We are a recognized Google Analytics company that helps businesses to efficiently peel back the layers of important information provided by Google Analytics, and deliver business-oriented insights much beyond the standard statistical figures. In simple words, Asahi Technologies is a leading Google Analytics consulting and development company, helping you make business-critical strategic decisions regarding the performance of your website.

You may start using Google Analytics for your site analysis and reporting, but are you fully aware of every figure and report that this web analytics tool presents? This is where Asahi Technologies help you with dedicated consulting services, critically analysing and evaluating every report presented by Google Analytics, and delivering business-critical insights for seamless and well-informed strategic decision making. At the same time, we have keen knowledge and expertise in developing Google Analytics for your website to help you solve even the most critical data extraction and reporting situations. We have successfully built custom-coded solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing Google Analytics application.

Our Web Analytics Consulting Services

Our Web Analytics consulting services include:

  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Setting events and goals
  • Social reporting integration
  • E-commerce setup
  • Audience segmentation
  • Site speed reporting
  • Custom monthly report setup
  • Data analysis
  • Google Analytics troubleshooting
  • Alert and notifications settings
  • KPI discovery
  • Custom dashboards
  • Geo-profiling insights
  • Website conversion rate recommendations
  • Campaign optimization intelligence report, etc.

Merely utilizing Google Analytics for your website analysis is not enough; correct interpretation of the data and properly applying it to your business wins you half the battle. Asahi Technologies provides full Google Analytics consulting and development services for efficient optimization of intelligence reporting.

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