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How wearable application development disrupts the healthcare sector

Today’s medical wearable technology has made a quantum leap from the days of simple exercise and fitness tracking applications. A research team from Singapore has recently developed a predictive computer program that coordinates with wearable devices to pinpoint signs of depression. With an accuracy rate of 80% in identifying those at risk, this recent discovery is among many exciting novelties that let us peer through the wondrous capabilities of wearables in modern healthcare. So how do wearable applications disrupt the healthcare sector? And what is the role of software development in all of this? Read on to find out. Key

Why do Austin companies need a great software development agency?

Austin has long been hailed for its vibrant nightlife, thriving live music scene, and eclectic cuisines. But there is more to the city’s charm than abundant leisure attractions, music venues, and bustling waterfront commerce. In recent years, Austin has counted itself among the fastest-growing major tech hubs in the United States—rivaling even the world’s capital of innovation and technology, Silicon Valley. Tesla’s announcement to relocate its headquarters to the city, following the construction of its new Gigafactory nearby, has added to the latest string of tech giants to call Austin their new home. Among those companies are Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Oracle,

Why hybrid apps are the future of mobile app development

Introduction Statista’s predictions show that smartphone users will exceed 7.516 billion globally by 2026, demonstrating the massive demand for mobile applications, which is only estimated to grow further. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the classification of mobile apps before you consider building one. Mobile apps can broadly be divided into three types- native, web, and hybrid. Native applications are designed to work on one operating system. For example, native Android apps work only on Android platforms. They deliver the best performance among the three but are time-consuming and expensive to develop. Responsive web apps are easy to build, maintain,

When It’s Time to Consider App Development Outsourcing

Which area of information technology is the most frequently outsourced in Canada and the United States?  If you guessed app development, you would be correct. There is a five-year upward trend in IT budgets being invested in outsourcing. According to Avasant, a leading management consulting firm, companies are looking to outsource mobile app development with greater frequency because the demand is variable. As new projects are started and finished each year, the need for a dedicated team for this function is low.  Instead, companies are more interested in getting the most out of their existing IT staff, or supplementing their

7 steps a start-up should take before developing a mobile app

New applications flood the mobile app stores incessantly. On an average, about 4848 new apps are being added to the Play Store and App Store every single day! With the app market being this competitive, having a great app idea alone is no longer sufficient. Developing a mobile app involves an enormous investment of both your time and money. To put it mildly, getting into the mobile app development without a concrete road map will be a costly error. You must have a structured approach to creating a successful app, which will enable you to achieve your app’s goals and

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Mobile App

Why Your Small To Mid-Sized Business Needs A Mobile App Its the future – its 2021 and almost every business has a mobile app. So why don’t you? Mobile App Usage Is Growing “The global mobile application market size was valued at $106.27 billion in 2018, and projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18.4% from 2019 to 2026” as per Allied Market Research. Despite 90% of Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) being major drivers of global economic growth (Salesforce, 2019), they have only scratched the surface when it comes to enterprise

5 Important things to know about social network application development

  Updated June 2021 Social media provides persuasive communication and promotional tools that businesses can embrace through a social network application. Social networks have changed indefinitely the way people and businesses connect, express themselves, and build relationships. Although, as a business, you can capitalize on the benefits of the already existing social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, building a custom social network can turn out to be more beneficial. By building a custom social network</a >, you can increase customer engagement, build a stronger brand, and boost profits by multiplying revenue streams. Even if the social network

3 Major Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Application Development

These days, almost all consumers are doing business on-the-go. Keeping the customer in mind, organizations are looking toward enterprise mobile application development to build a convenient and engaging digital experience for their stakeholders. An intranet portal is a collaborative solution that acts as a central repository for your company’s data and tools. It’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ platform that can facilitate data accessibility, enhance employee collaboration, and streamline business workflows.  To ensure your employees can efficiently do their job without being constrained by obsolete and sluggish business systems, your organization needs digital capabilities and tools to support this transformation. What is an