Posted on: 16 Jun 2016

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Now Manage Your Email, Keep Your Calendar Holographically

Now Manage Your Email, Keep Your Calendar Holographically

Taking innovation to the next level, the Microsoft team introduces the first ever holographic Outlook and Calendaring apps. These apps are exclusively designed for Microsoft HoloLens, a device well known as a first self-contained holographic computer. This new technology blend enriches the experience of checking outlook emails and calendaring benefits in mixed reality. With Outlook app on HoloLens, you can stick up your inbox on your office wall and get immersed in the technology while concurrently interacting with other digital assets. HoloLens also lets you visualize what’s scheduled next for you during the day with holographic wall calendaring app. You can personalize or resize the app to match your surrounding.
As a website development company, we can appreciate the amount of detail that went into this project.

A visual staple of sci-fi movies — the floating holographic screens of future computers — is now a reality, thanks to the Microsoft Office team. They’ve adapted Microsoft Outlook’s email and calendaring apps for the HoloLens.

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This is just the beginning; HoloLens can unleash a new world of opportunities for Microsoft users. What do you think? Please leave us your comments below. As always, thanks for reading.

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