Posted on: 04 Oct 2018

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Save money and time by outsourcing software development to the right firm


Most of us already know the benefits of outsourcing software development. In a typical outsourcing scenario, you delegate your development to a third-party team (professional) and focus on other aspects of your business. This approach gives you access to a team that is skilled and has experience. Besides, quality of deliverables and delivery timelines get driven by SLAs (service level agreement)-these are just some of the many benefits. Perhaps, the biggest benefit of outsourcing software development is the amount of time and money your business saves. Also, hiring in-house software professionals can be expensive and a long-drawn process. This can be a significant aspect especially, in markets where the cost base is very high. Apart from this, you will also have to spend on IT and other infrastructure and training.

Hence, cost arbitrage is a key consideration. Over the past 3 decades, outsourcing has really evolved, as a process and well tested engagement models and templates are available. This ensures that requirements are clearly understood and documented, SLAs, deadlines and budgets are set right at the start of your engagement.

The time you save by outsourcing projects that are well suited for outsourcing, can we be spent well in acquiring new business/customers in your markets, and in growing your company.

For outsourcing, size is not a major consideration. However, small businesses and start-ups benefit more considering that they get to keep their costs low and have the opportunity to get things off the ground rather quickly. With that being said, even large companies outsource big-time and many of India’s IT bellwethers grew massively due to outsourcing. Big or small, benefits of outsourcing are similar across organizations.

All these benefits can be realized only when you partner with the right software company. There are many companies who provide offshore software development services. While it is tempting to hire an inexpensive offshore software development company without considering other things, remember that quality, processes, best practices and tools matter more.

Proper evaluation and due diligence by experts are important for a good overall experience. When making such decisions, let cost not be your only criteria. Think about what you are compromising on by picking the cheaper alternative—tools, communication, knowledge?

The right outsourcing partner should help your business grow without you having to make concessions on quality or expertise. Contact us to set up a meeting and see if we meet your software development needs!

Vinod Subbaiah

Founder and CEO


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