We create custom social networks that engage users and customers, spur meaningful collaboration and communication, and drive participation and interaction. Our team works with organizations in both planning and design phases to build unique and flexible social infrastructure to achieve your unique business goals.

Your social network can be built into your web presence or developed as a separate Omni-channel application accessible on multiple devices, including mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Universal Platform Capabilities

Highly Eveolved Code

Highly-Evolved Code:

To ensure future scalability

Open Source Framework

Open Source Framework:

For distribution and modification

Archiving Capability

Archiving Capability:

To Permanently save Crucial communication

Customization Capability

Customization Capability:

To effortlessly address changing services and markets

User Authentication

User Authentication:

For Easy management and user administration

Simple Registration

Simple Registration:

For Seamless growth

Trial User Capability

Trial User Capability:

To increase sign-up from prospective patrons

Super Admin Access

Super Admin Access:

For top level oversight and analytics

We develop social platforms from scratch or begin with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) using a basic framework to reduce client costs and then build out custom features and integrate third party tools that address specific needs and requirements.

Customizable features and assets:
  • Collaborative forums
  • Sharing, messaging, and marketplace
  • Map and location features
  • Modular sequences
  • Sharing and cloning
Asahi Technologies' social network platforms and applications are indispensable resources for organizations seeking community growth for internal assets or customers.

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