21 Jul 2016

Is the Solution Worth the Cost? Someone outside the industry may think that they need a custom software written to solve some problem they may have. The fact is it’s very rare that the best decision is to have custom software made. The problem is usually something that isn’t worth the cost of new software […]

20 Jul 2016

You Know How to Code Now Learn to Sell It. When talking about mobile app development one does not simply type away as the app falls together like the perfect round of tetris. Knowing these debugging tips can save you time going over endless lines of code. No matter how proficient you are, I think, […]

19 Jul 2016

How to Empty Your Google Adwords Account (with no roi) When it comes to Software development you have to get your name out there or its all for not. That being said you have to use common sense. I know that common sense can fall by the wayside when you’re overwhelmed by the information overloaded […]

18 Jul 2016

Determine if Its Worth Developing So you have a great idea for a software that corrects everyone’s grammar on facebook, but is it worth developing. Using these 15 bullet point questions you can decide before you code if it’s going to be worth your time to make everyone the ultimate grammar nazi (even though they […]

15 Jul 2016

Should You Outsource A Developer Or Hire One When it comes to your business’ Software development you have to weigh the pros and cons of hiring internally or contracting. There is no right or wrong answer for the industry, only right and wrong for your company. Initial cost, maintenance cost and availability are all things […]

14 Jul 2016

Static Vs CMS For Product Sites You can pro vs con anything but for ease of use and value of time, you should go with static over CMS for product websites. If you don’t want to be repeating the same code page by page you need to incorporate a generator like Hammer For Mac. It […]

13 Jul 2016

Pomodoro Technique Vs. 20 Minute Intervals There are several different ways to organize your time into intervals to make your workday more productive. In this article the Pomodoro Technique and 20 minutes to success are broken down to see what works, what doesn’t & why. Judge for yourself and let us know what you think. […]

12 Jul 2016

No Updates, No Marketing, No Money As an up and coming custom software developer you need to understand that developing a new software is not like using a Ronco Rotisserrie oven. If you try to “Set it and Forget it,” your customers will likely just forget it. There may be some products that can generate […]

11 Jul 2016

Android Nougat Makes Changes to CAs Now there is a standardized set of trusted CAs for Android software developers. This takes some of the guesswork out of setting up Java TLS APIs. However, this does not negate your user created CAs that are essential to you directly. You can submit user created CAs by filing […]

08 Jul 2016

Website need an overhaul? As always, we have your back at Asahi Technologies. Why doesn’t anyone visit/stay on my website? It couldn’t be that you color scheme looks like it was collaborated by a herd of bronies. Obviously, it isn’t because your content seems to be written by a cro-magnon. And definitely not due to […]