• What is it that free site optimization tools like Google Page Speed cannot do for you?   1) It cannot optimize your back end. For instance, If you have an infinite loop because of a coding error, we will identify it and fix it for you.   2) It cant understand the technology you use. [...]

  • Why Joomla Content Management System for your Website? The term ‘Joomla’ was derived from a Swahili word ‘Jumla’ meaning “all together”, and rightly so. This open source CMS can render interactive websites, web portals, online communities, forums, blogs and e-Commerce applications.  Their feature from scalability to simplicity has made it a powerful open source content [...]

  • About Drupal Perhaps the most preferred content management system for enterprise-level web applications, Drupal is an amazing open source web development platform.  Written entirely in PHP, the CMS fulfils the requirements of the busiest and dynamic sites on the internet today. Drupal’s architecture allows developers and users to organize, publish and manage any web content [...]

  • online shopping cart By many means, Magento and Zen cart are two of the best shopping cart tools available on the web today. With more than one third of the market share, they are the leading shopping cart solution currently around the world. Both Magento and Zen Cart present users with amazing features for an [...]

  • Python development Released in the year 1991, Python has now grown into powerful Server side programming language. Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum who conceived the idea in the late 80’s as a successor to the ABC, designed the language. Its popularity is such that Python it is currently placed eighth in the TIOBE index of [...]

  • Twilio Api services For long businesses have experienced communication systems that are too complex and expensive. To combat these issues Twilio, a company based in California has developed a powerful Twilio api for cost effective text and voice based communication. What’s Twilio all about? A cloud based service that lets software developers to build text [...]

  • Social media for small business A few years ago, enterprises neglected social media as a viable instrument for business strategy and operations. But, the growth of popular Social media sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn spurred the need for specialized business strategy. Social Media and Network Applications with their wide reach to people anywhere around [...]

  • Elgg For Social Network development A relative newbie to social network platforms, Elgg has taken the industry by a storm with its flexibility, features and affordable development costs. The social network engine enables developers to create, edit and manage their own social network. An extremely flexible social networking engine, Elgg is ideally designed to run [...]