24 Jun 2016

At some point, many of us have been plugging away at a project with our laptops on our…well, laps. Only to find that it begins to feel rather warm on your thighs. Well, Kavita Iyer from Techwork has put together a nice list for us of things to do to prevent such an occurrence. Of […]

23 Jun 2016

With interests in Silicon Valley and progressive technological and medical advancements, it seems like a natural fit for the POTUS. President Obama is considering a VC role for his post-presidency. At least that’s what it seems when you read his recent quote. Think the President will have an interest in funding custom software development companies […]

22 Jun 2016

Need help with the dishes? An automatic washer not enough. Check this out! While perfection isn’t even on the horizon, we’re still excited about the progresses made in the world of technology. This baby giraffe robot from Boston Dynamics shows us what the possibilities are when combining the best custom software development with robotics. The […]

21 Jun 2016

Category: Web Development

Developing a website for clients can be a daunting task. But what happens when you turn the attention to your own company? Worry not, for once again, Asahi Technologies has your back! Here are 13-steps to getting the most from your project management and implementations teams when you work on your own website Websites are […]

20 Jun 2016

Category: Web Development

Please enjoy this infographic on some important aspects of developing a website Photo Credit : Pinterest Have a project already in mind? Let us know your website development needs

17 Jun 2016

ProtonMail is an open source privacy-focused webmail service developed by a team of researchers at Harvard and MIT that enables secure email communication between users. This service features utilizing “user-side encryption” to protect / encrypt user data before being sent to its servers in contrast to common webmail services like Gmail, thereby making conversation secure. […]

16 Jun 2016

Taking innovation to the next level, the Microsoft team introduces the first ever holographic Outlook and Calendaring apps. These apps are exclusively designed for Microsoft HoloLens, a device well known as a first self-contained holographic computer. This new technology blend enriches the experience of checking outlook emails and calendaring benefits in mixed reality. With Outlook […]

15 Jun 2016

It seems Apple is always at least one step behind Samsung since the passing of the torch to Tim Cook. According to IHS Analyst, Kevin Wang, the 2017 Apple iPhone will have a curved OLED screen. Sound familiar? It should, since it’s been around for months already in the form of Samsung’s GS7 Edge. By […]

14 Jun 2016

Can Google Help Find Your Stolen Phone? Actually, yes they can! Google regularly adds and drops services, so whether this one sticks around is yet to be seen. As custom software developers we’re always fascinated with the latest and greatest from the Google team, and this looks like one of the more practical of their […]

13 Jun 2016

There has been a great hullabaloo among the fans since the trailer of the latest Star Wars franchise was released. Many fans are anticipating that the newest “Rogue One” may be even better than its predecessor, “The Force Awakens.” Sadly, the movie is not going to release anytime soon. So there is a lot of […]