Healthcare mobile app development empowers organizations to release user-friendly digital tools for patients, physicians, operations managers, and other stakeholders in the community health landscape. 

We build custom medical software for smartphones, tablets, and digital assistants across Apple, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, and other mobile device operating systems. Deliver better patient engagement, hospital management, pharmacy management, practice management and DICOM solutions for mobile devices.

Custom mobile application development services link your organization to your patients and providers.  

  • Custom healthcare mobile app development produces original healthcare software for Android, Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, and other mobile operating systems.
  • Healthcare organizations use mobile apps to build patient engagement tools, practice management solutions, and many other custom technology solutions. 
  • Hybrid app development services allow your organization to develop digital experiences that delight across all device screens and mobile operating systems.

Custom mobile apps allow healthcare organizations to embrace new clinical, operational, and administrative workflows internally and deliver world-class external digital health products for end users. 

  • Asahi Technologies is a custom healthcare software development firm headquartered in New York City. 
  • Our healthcare technology solutions architects, full stack developers, business analysts, and designers provide the domain area expertise needed to release game-changing digital health products. 
  • Build custom mobile health apps for every user persona and stakeholder connected to your organization, from patients to providers, suppliers to vendors, clinical advisory services to health insurance organizations. 
  • Release highly intuitive and user-friendly mobile health app experiences to extend your organization’s digital front door.

Drive true digital transformation and secure new market share with custom mobile healthcare applications. Check out our affordable healthcare mobile app development services.

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

We develop custom mobile healthcare applications for every practice discipline and area of healthcare practice. We serve hospitals, clinics, assisted care facilities, schools, and other organizations involved with the healthcare industry. 

Our custom mobile application services provide your team with the resources, domain area expertise and insight needed to deliver world class digital health apps for Apple iOS, Android, and other mobile device systems.

  • Design user friendly mobile tools to meet patients where they are and connect them to community health services. 
  • Digital patient engagement teams bridge gaps in care and with the rise of virtual care allow providers to meet with patients without the need for in-person care. 
  • Patient engagement tools are the best way to invigorate your patients and provide them with meaningful opportunities for interacting with your medical practice.
  • Design stable and high quality mobile experiences connecting patients, providers, and payers to critical pharmaceutical products, services, and platforms. 
  • Electronic prescription applications play a vital role connecting providers to pharmacies, payers, and other stakeholders in the community health matrix. 
  • We build pharmacy prescription, operations, billing, and other tools to enhance pharmacy best practices. 
  • Build custom tools to manage scheduling patients, managing inventory, and optimizing other key hospital management tasks. 
  • Healthcare mobile app development services are used to deliver business process automation and unlock efficiencies of scale. 
  • Mobile apps for hospital management include operations and inventory management tools, scheduling solutions, billing tools, and solutions to handle basic administrative tasks
  • Deliver better tools to enhance clinical efficiency, deliver better medical outcomes, and create better work flows for medical staff. 
  • Clinical practice management mobile apps are designed to enhance the care environment to improve operational efficiencies, reduce the cost of care, and deliver better life saving medical interventions. 
  • Practice management apps are transforming healthcare services
  • Deliver better diagnostic imaging solutions to safely share tools and enhance preventative medicine. 
  • DICOM apps allow doctors to share diagnostic images using mobile technology. The result is a more seamless way for doctors to diagnose and treat their patients.
  • Empower your clinical teams to harness the full potential of data-driven decision making to save lives.

Our Process and Approach

Key Mobile App Development Services

We build stunningly innovative healthcare applications for the Android operating system.

We build highly responsive, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile applications for the Apple iOS operating system.

Our mobile technology solutions for healthcare breakdown silos to deliver seamless experiences across all digital platforms.

We build highly functional mobile applications for patients, providers, and other stakeholders connected to community health ecosystems.

Our solutions architects have decades of experience developing mobile applications. We deliver the quality assurance needed to leverage custom software development to transform healthcare.

Our custom healthcare mobile app development team brings deep expertise in human-focused design principles to deliver seamless digital experiences that enhance medical practice management.

Our healthcare mobile app development process


The healthcare mobile app’s front-end of a mobile app delivers the user interface, experience, and any code provided by the client. 

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


The digital health mobile app’s back-end is responsible for server-side code and databases. 

  • Python, Ruby, Java
  • Django, Rails 
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL


The mobile app runs on an operating system such as Apple iOS or Android. 

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK 
  • Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin.


The host environment is responsible for delivering the service and handling server-side code. Linux, Apache, Amazon Web Services (AWS).



We work with you to understand the goals and objectives of the new app, your market positioning, and target users.



We capture user stories and use cases in order to finalize the features the app needs.



We build wireframes, mock-ups, functional prototypes and high fidelity designs with the aim of creating a design that will drive adoption as well provide a satisfying user experience.



Our hybrid development methodology ensures that you never pay twice to develop the same functionality. We use an agile approach that incorporates feedback after every sprint so that you play a central role in shaping your app.



We prepare extensive test plans and test cases early on in the engagement process so that when features are developed, the testing team is ready to go. We perform functional testing, device and platform testing, performance testing, and regression testing throughout the application lifecycle to ensure your product is stable.



To ensure a seamless deployment to app store and google play store we’ll advise you on best practices for implementing features to ensure it is in line with best practices and app store policies and guidelines. 

We know our job doesn't end with initial deployment. Our free 30-day warranty gives us time to address any issues or make improvements. 

From there, we can support and maintain your app as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Custom Healthcare Solutions That we Offer

Asahi Technologies delivers custom mobile software development services for healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and wellness enterprises. Get in touch to learn about our complete range of healthcare technology solutions. 

Here is a selection of some of our healthcare technology solutions:

Mobile EHR/EMR Software

Build custom electronic health records solutions to generate, edit, and amend patient health records, fulfill compliance documentation, and manage patient care using mobile device technologies. 

Mobile Hospital Operations Management Tools 

Deliver custom digital solutions to automate and optimize healthcare supply chains, facilities, inventory, fulfillment and other key administrative processes. 

Mobile Medical Practice Management Software

Provide your clinical teams with mobile software to enhance their ability to connect with patients and deliver life-saving medical interventions. 

Mobile Patient Portals

Extend the digital front door with digital health applications linking patients to your community health network. 

Our Healthcare Mobile Application Development Projects

America’s #1 children’s hospital is home to the largest pediatric research facility in the country.

World-renowned as a center for medical expertise, the hospital (name withheld for confidentiality reasons) serves more than 29,000 patients on an annual basis and is nationally ranked in more than 10 pediatric specialties. Equipment order fulfillment and asset inventory management are vital operational processes that ensure supplies, equipment, and resources get where they are needed across the hospital’s 1 million square foot campus—without delaying life-saving medical interventions—or wasting essential organizational resources.

HealthOps is the healthcare operations management vendor responsible for handling the operational logistics, equipment, sharps, and safety standards needed to deliver the best possible outcomes for the hospital's patients. After completing robust equipment audits, the firm realized that error-prone and cumbersome manual processes were reducing operational efficiencies and negatively impacting patient outcomes.

Vetsource, America’s largest and most trusted home delivery provider to veterinarians, ships prescribed pet medications, over-the-counter healthcare products and pet food to clients across the country. It also allowed customers to schedule regular product shipment reminders and to receive a monthly pet health newsletter, keeping them up to date on important developments.

While our client had an existing software solution in place, there was vast room for improvement. And with its in-house resources tied up with the day-to-day running of the business, Vetsource needed external assistance to transform its integral applications.

Why Work With Asahi Technologies

Asahi Technologies is a custom mobile application solution provider serving healthcare enterprises across the United States. We deliver innovative digital products to activate and engage your patients, providers, and payer networks. Build new workflows, reach new users, and help your organization gain positive recognition for all the right reasons. 

We provide the resources, technical expertise, and insights needed to drive successful digital acceleration and release of  highly focused mobile apps for every type of use case and end user. 

Take your organization to the next level with mobile apps that delight end-users. Our passion is delivering healthcare solutions that disrupt markets, enhance reputation, and deliver the innovation needed to transform digital health services at scale for our clients. 

Stop waiting and start innovating. Our healthcare technology consultants are here to help.

What our Clients Say About Us

“Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, healthcare networks have been facing tremendous challenges. Completing robust digital transformation is the key to delivering better patient-facing services, reducing costs, and expediting pharmacy operations around the world.

Asahi Technologies delivered the technical software development expertise I needed to deliver a successful digital health solution. iPickUp has been so successful at my business I have sold the solution to other pharmacies in the United States and Canada. I am extremely pleased with the results“

Srinivas Athuluri
RPh, Founder and CEO at iPickUp

“We’ve worked with Asahi Technologies on multiple software solutions including an auditing and inspection software as well as an equipment management software that we are using in multiple hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital. The relationship we’ve built is based on trust in that they are able to realize the vision that’s in my head and operationalize it into a software solution that provides the best outcomes for my clients and the healthcare field in general.”

Isaiah E. Silva
Founder & CEO, HealthOps Inc.

"Despite the tight timing, Asahi Tech managed to deliver on projects in a timely manner. Each developer in the 12-member team that worked on our project is easy to work with, adapts well to given project management styles and committed to meeting deadlines. We here at Vetsource are really appreciative of the work that the Asahi team does."

Erica Kirkendall, Tulsa, OK
Project Manager, Vetsource

Healthcare Operations Management


Optimize Key Operations



Automate ABM-Activities


Helping America’s largest vet services provider to

Transform its integral applications


Custom Digital Health Solution to Streamline And Automate Essential

Pharmacy Operations



Improve health and wellness

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Must-Have Features in Your Healthcare Application

The digital front door is a critical component of modern care journeys. The most successful digital health products seamlessly link patients to providers, make it easier for them to access services, and empowers them to take a more active role in the management of their treatment.

A Digital Health Ecosystem Enhances the Patient Experience

Delivering a world class experience cannot be an afterthought but instead needs to be an operating principal driving the evolution of digital health 2.0. As an industry, we are beginning to realize what is possible and what is at stake. It’s essential to deliver highly customizable, user-friendly, and intuitive digital experiences for both patients and physicians that empower access compromising the sacred connection between patient and physician.

Digital Transformation is the Key to Delivering True Person-Centered Treatment Modalities

"Healthcare has always been competitive but the stakes have never been higher. Completing digital transformation is the key to realizing the full potential of person-centered care. Asahi Technologies is the custom healthcare software development team your organization can count on. Get in touch today to learn more about our digital transformation services for healthcare, medical, life science, and pharmaceutical enterprises. "

Developing a Digital Ecosystem with the Help of Patient Engagement Tools

In the near future, integrated health ecosystems will deliver person-centered care through advanced medical facilities, smart homes, connected devices, and a distributed medical internet of things (IoT).  Digital patient engagement tools seamlessly link patients, providers, and payers to share personal health information (PHI). Costs drop, patient outcomes improve, and the entire community health system runs much smoother than before.  By providing patients greater access to digital services and empowering more robust data sharing between key healthcare matrix stakeholders, health ecosystems extend human longevity and potential. It’s really not so far off. Today, at the cutting edge of medical possibility, new

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Healthcare Mobile Application Development FAQs

Digital health apps built on mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android OS, Microsoft OS, Blackberry among others are transforming the care delivery landscape. Consumer services, tools for physicians, and mobile health apps for handling specialized functions within healthcare settings are becoming tremendously popular. As virtual care solutions increase and digital transformation accelerates, your organization can secure market share by releasing sophisticated mobile experiences to delight your end-users.

Mobile apps are used all over the care delivery landscape. Mobile technologies connect patients to medical records, their doctors, and the different care options through their community health networks. Physicians use these tools to manage care, complete compliance documentation, and engage their patients. Many other types of stakeholders such as health insurance organizations, NGOs, and government agencies also are adopting these solutions to digitize core processes.

Mobile apps for healthcare need to be secure, reliable, and safe. Concerns such as HIPAA-compliance, UI/UX cohesion, and data security are major topics. It is essential for mobile healthcare apps to add value and not overly complicate existing workflows. That is why building custom solutions is often the best way to secure the core functions your organization needs to succeed.

Choose a technology partner with deep domain area expertise in software development, experience producing engaging digital experiences, and passion for digital health. Asahi Technologies delivers the resources, technical skills, and passion to release exceptional mobile apps for healthcare customers.