Our client wanted website data collection to be linked to marketing software 

Resheda Hagen founded Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. in 1984 after recognizing a market need to better serve the needs of expectant mothers. The firm is a market-leading provider of breast pumps, nursing pads, nipple care products, milk storage bottles, and other specialist accessories. Resheda had been inspired to start the business after experiencing how sore and tender her nipples could be following breastfeeding her first child. 

The company’s flagship product, Lansinoh® Lanolin is the #1 recommended nipple cream by moms and doctors in the US. Today, Lansinoh has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world where its products are sold. The company remains committed to advancing advocacy efforts, research, and manufacturing innovation to drive better medical outcomes for pregnant women and their families. 

Lansinoh ’s company website serves as a vital touchpoint linking the firm to healthcare professionals, medical advocacy groups, suppliers, partners, and patients. The company wanted to streamline its account-based marketing (ABM) activities by integrating data collected from its website with a third-party marketing technology (MarTech). 


To develop a solution that provides real-time feed of customer information to drive data-led marketing campaigns

To deliver a more competitive global enterprise, senior leaders at Lansinoh wanted to find a way to integrate data collected from website visitors with their third-party marketing software.

Lansinoh ’s leadership team wanted to automate core processes, streamline data management activities, and connect organizational resources to optimize marketing efforts.

They hoped to harness the full potential of account-based marketing by delivering highly segmented email marketing outreach campaigns, tracking marketing qualified leads (MQLs), and optimizing marketing performance by better leveraging data-driven decision-making.

The firm needed web development services to create a custom integration linking data collected on their website with their marketing service provider’s software.

Following a discovery phase where our team honed in on our client’s core business need, our solutions architects set to work executing the silver pop integration that the client needed.

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Custom web development to link lead capture pages with email outreach 

Asahi Technologies built a custom web development solution that integrates the Lansinoh portal to the marketing automation firm’s database so that a form submission on the client's website triggers an update on the database setup at the Marketing Automation firm server.

The solution successfully links data collected from the client’s website and makes it easily available to their third-party marketing partners' software. 

This project involved Integrating data collected from three lead capture pages into a silver pop backend, i.e; content submitted to the database when the forms in the below pages are submitted is also transferred to the silver pop account using EDI or XML (as required).

The Lansinoh lead capture pages involved in this custom web development project are:

  • Account Creation Form 
  • Free Product Sample Request Form
  • Warranty Registration Form.

Each page has a maximum of 7-10 form data fields that need to be exported and placed into the silver pop database records to support email outreach efforts in line with our client’s account-based marketing strategy. 

Technical Specifications

Front-end Coding Languages: HTML / CSS / AJAX / JavaScript / jQuery

Back-end Coding Language: Java

Database Type: MySQL

Integration Type: EDI or XML-based integration

The solution was tested on a staging server first before it was launched to provide a real-time feed of customer information to drive targeted email marketing campaigns in line with the brand’s account-based marketing strategy.

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Optimized spend

The new system’s lead scoring capabilities allowed the firm to focus its efforts on optimizing its marketing spending while measurably improving sales performance by zeroing in on the highest-value ideal customer profiles.


The client optimized account-based marketing to achieve high revenues 

The custom web development solution delivered Lansinoh the flexibility they needed to make better use of customer data to deliver more highly targeted marketing outreach and lead generation messaging campaigns.

The new system’s lead scoring capabilities allowed the firm to focus its efforts to optimize its marketing spend while measurably improving sales performance by zeroing in on the highest value ideal customer profiles (ICP).

After implementing the new solution, the firm was able to bring its marketing and sales operations in alignment to shorten the sales cycle, reduce the cost to acquire customers, and reach new revenue targets by leveraging an optimized account-based marketing strategy.

Custom web development services delivered the functionality Lansinoh needed to cultivate more successful relationships with the segments of its customer base most likely to generate long-term value for the firm.