Healthcare organizations release custom digital products to enhance care delivery and leverage the full potential of technology. 

Our custom healthcare product development services create innovative digital healthcare products to transform services, increase efficiency, and meet business goals.

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Digital health products are transforming healthcare. 

The digital health ecosystem is expanding rapidly. Our healthcare product development services allow your organization to release engaging digital experiences for every end-user connected to your services. 

Build better health tools for your physicians, patients, administrative teams, clinical specialists, enhance key practice areas, and deliver an end-to-end-digital health ecosystem.

Our custom product development services provide the technical resources needed to deliver innovative digital health solutions. 

Digital product development empowers healthcare organizations to leverage technology to deliver better preventative and life-saving medical services. 

Asahi Technologies delivers the resources, expertise, and guidance to release exceptional digital products to enhance brand reputation and secure new revenue streams. 

Our complete range of healthcare IT business strategy, team augmentation, and custom software development services provide the resources and talent needed to deliver an end-to-end digital health ecosystem.

Harness the power of technology to transform operations, harness new operational efficiencies, reduce costs, secure new market share and truly innovate. 

Our custom healthcare product and development services provide the business strategy consulting, team augmentation services, agile project management, and full stack development power needed to transform healthcare service delivery. 

Building bespoke healthcare software solutions is one of the most fundamental areas of digital health product development. Our team leans into our custom’s challenges, listens to their needs, and sets a sustainable plan in motion leading to a successful digital health product release.

Our organization is committed to delivering healthcare enterprises the resources, expertise, and guidance they need to release digital products for their physicians, service providers, vendors, suppliers, payers, medical billing companies and other entities connected to community health systems. 

Your trusted technology partner. 

Our healthcare software design, development, and integrations elevates your organization's standards of care, unlocks true enterprise value, and delivers true digital acceleration.

Whether your team wants to expand virtual care services, deliver new patient engagement portals, hospital operations management solutions, or leverage new capabilities like low-code/no-code or business process automation, we are here to help. 

When you choose Asahi Technologies, secure a proven technology partner who will support your organization’s digital product development lifecycle and ensure your complete satisfaction along every step of the way. 

We offer healthcare IT strategy consulting, software development, and team augmentation to ensure your digital health product release service gets off without a hitch.

Our team is invested in your success and delivers the resources your executive decision makers need to feel secure in their digital product investments. 

Our Healthcare Product Design & Development Services

It doesn’t matter where you are now. Our team provides the stable foundation to tackle your project using an agile methodology that ensures success by following a highly regimented plan. Our strategists help nurture your vision providing the insights needed to ensure the best results for your unique business cases and digital product use cases. 

Ready to truly transform your organization’s capabilities, profitability, and market share? Perfect! 

Here is a selection of our healthcare product development and design services for healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and life science customers.

Digital Health Product Design 

Our full stack development experts, healthcare technology consultants, design teams, and project managers offer everything you need to achieve your goals. We build custom digital products designed to help our clients overcome their challenges and realize new opportunities.

Digital Health MVP Product Development

All big ideas need to start somewhere. For your healthcare organization that could be with a minimum viable product (MVP). Your MVP allows your organization to learn more about your end-users needs and set the stage for continuous improvement.

Health SaaS  Product Development

Ready to release a highly profitable digital product? Your new health SaaS tool allows your business to secure competitive advantage by extending your organization's digital front door.

Third-Party Product Integration for Healthcare Technology

We provide digital product integration services to ensure all the different components in your healthcare technology, business, medical, and analytics stacks play well together. Our teams integrate your digital products using custom software solutions.

Legacy Systems Modernization

Our healthcare technology solutions architects enhance your existing software deployments to add new functionality, features, and benefits to enhance your operations. We provide the resources, expertise, and guidance needed to update your legacy software systems.

Cloud Migration

Need assistance migrating patient records, data, and organizational resources to the cloud? We provide consulting services to ensure a successful cloud migration.

Product Compliance

Need assurance that your product will match legal and regulatory needs? Our team has you covered and provides executive advisory services to direct product compliance best practices for your wearable, digital health app, or patient-facing portal.

Product Integrations

Need to connect different products, services, and technologies across your healthcare technology stack? Our teams ensure your digital solutions integrate together to deliver a cohesive and reliable experience for end users.

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Our Process and Approach

End-to-end Digital Product Development Services for Healthcare 

We bring digital health ideas to life through agile and scalable solutions for improving care delivery

Asahi Technology builds a cohesive team of product managers, developers, and designers to deliver your digital product. We provide our healthcare technology, business strategy, and team augmentation insights to deliver value to your product’s end users.  

Agile Project Management 

Our expert project managers set the foundation for successful collaboration by providing a structured approach to our work together. 

  • Results-focused work prioritization 
  • Clear and transparent communication 
  • Stable foundation for success 
  • Regimented sprints to reach your goals 

Human-Centric Design Principles 

Along every step of the digital product development life cycle, our team is thinking about how our design choices will impact adoption, usage, and successful implementation. 

  • Rigorous culture of continuous improvement 
  • Consistent feedback loops ensure alignment 
  • Lightning fast iterations to refine design

Results-Focused Healthcare Product Management

We provide the insights, guidance, and rationale for your executive decision makers to understand why they are making the right decisions delivering your digital health products. 

  • Longterm technology partners 
  • Deliver your health tech MVP 
  • Optimize results across the digital product life cycle 

Discovery phase

During the discovery phase our team leans into your healthcare business and medical needs, use cases, requested features and delivers the perfect strategy to deliver success. 

  • Idea validation
    We help your organization to understand the unique business case for your product and how to prioritize the release of new features to meet market realities 
  • Gather requirements
    We compile all the details about your end-users needs and the technical requirements of fulfilling them in product features and design elements. 
  • Defined priority backlog
    We define a clear work prioritization for handling needs and requirements in a clear and regimented fashion using the agile project management methodology. 
  • Project vision
    We establish a roadmap for executing your digital health product to meet all needs, timelines, and technical requirements. 
  • Wireframing
    We begin to render your product visually to include an initial product concept, page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality, design elements, and intended work flows.
  • Infrastructure architecture
    We define the correct infrastructure to match your needs today and scale to match your ambitions down the line. 
  • Estimation of the project
    We provide clear estimation of the cost, risk, and challenges to executing your project. 

Development stage

At this point, our team of healthcare technology solutions architects sets to work building your digital product using the approved tech stack for this work.

  • MVP development
    We build a product which will fulfill your initial design criteria and allow you to test the success of your digital health solution. 
  • Proof of concept
    We build proof of concepts to ensure your product will function as designed and provide a means to test workflows and features ahead of your release.

Delivery stage

Finally, we prepare for a successful deployment so your new digital product can be adopted by your end users.

  • Testing process
    We provide quality assurance to ensure the finished product operates smoothly and without any service delays. 
  • Continual maintenance
    We are a longterm technology partner and provide ongoing resources and support across your digital product’s life cycle. 

Custom Healthcare Solutions That we Offer

Take some time to check out our digital health product solutions: 

  • Digital Patient Portals: Patient portals connect your patients to your organization’s digital health services. Extend the digital front door with a patient facing mobile application and web based portal 
  • Virtual Care Software: Telehealth and virtual care applications are becoming wildly popular with both physicians and patients. Release a virtual care solution to capture new market share. 
  • RCM and Medical Billing Products: Deliver digital products to expedite your organization’s payment services. Deliver better administrative tools by building custom solutions laser-focused on your needs. 
  • Patient Engagement Tools: Provide your clinical teams with new ways to meet their patients and help them take an active role in their care. Patient engagement tools connect your patients to their doctors using digital technologies. 
  • Pharmacy Practice Management Tools: Build digital products to enhance key areas of pharmacy operations. Build pharmacy tools for patient-facing interactions, interactions with payers, and to fulfill compliance requirements.

Our Healthcare Software Product Development Projects

Srinivas Athuluri, RPh is an entrepreneur and healthcare professional with several decades of experience in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry in Boston, Massachusetts. He knew there had to be a better way pharmacists, patients, and payers to process prescriptions to receive life-saving medical interventions.

The client decided to secure a custom digital health solution to streamline pharmacy operations with a simpler and more user-friendly prescription medication ordering and fulfillment process. The system needed to be able to connect health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations, specialty pharmacies, and urban/rural hubs.

By reducing the time pharmacists needed to spend completing laborious manual paperwork, they were able to focus their attention on more important matters — delivering their patients, suppliers, and partners the highest levels of service possible.

Filling medical prescriptions creates a significant documentation burden. Pharmacists need to regularly submit records to comply with U.S. federal continuing education (CE), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reporting guidelines. Pharmacists are also required to complete rigorous paperwork to submit to drug manufacturers, prescribing physicians, insurance payers, patients, and other community stakeholders.

The client wanted to build a simpler and more efficient digital application to fill prescriptions, streamline pharmacy operations while fulfilling state and federal compliance requirements. He saw that there was a tremendous opportunity available by providing pharmacy networks with a streamlined and simplified electronic prescription system.

Read our case study to learn more about this digital product to enhance pharmacy operations. 

Our client was a successful nutritionist and fitness trainer who owned fitness startups in the U.S as well as France. He was using excel spreadsheets to come up with meal plans that aligned with the fitness goals of his customers. Because that required extensive manual work and computation, he was looking for a technology partner that could develop a digital product for generating meal plans automatically based on fitness goals and the dietary preferences of his customers.

Read our case study to learn more about this digital health and wellness digital product.

Why Work With Asahi Technologies 

Asahi Technologies is a leading software development company serving healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, wellness, and life science enterprises. 

Our team of healthcare technology specialists, full stack developers, designers, and business analysts ensure your success by leaning into your challenges to deliver real solutions. 

We are passionate about digital health and are on a mission to deliver the next generation of healthcare software. 

What our Clients Say About Us 

"I am deeply appreciative of the quality work done by your team. The digital product you delivered has garnered high praise from clients, while stakeholders appreciate how smooth, modern and user-friendly the software is."

Kamel Moulai-Souiga
Founder & CEO, Nutreetion Health, Wellness and Fitness

"Despite the tight timing, Asahi Tech managed to deliver on projects in a timely manner. Each developer in the 12-member team that worked on our project is easy to work with, adapts well to given project management styles and committed to meeting deadlines. We here at Vetsource are really appreciative of the work that the Asahi team does."

Erica Kirkendall, Tulsa, OK
Project Manager, Vetsource

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Healthcare Product Development FAQs

What is the purpose of healthcare software product development?

Digital product development for healthcare delivers the power for providers to release new platforms and services for end-users connected to their services. Healthcare product development is used for public, patient-facing services, private-physician and medical operations professionals, as well as services for governmental, non-governmental, and payment organizations. 

The purpose of custom healthcare products is to provide more focused and effective interventions to optimize care outcomes, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and deliver better work flows for all user personas across the community health landscape. .

How is a customized healthcare software product used?

Custom health applications, portals, and products are used to provide better medical care by delivering the functions, features, and benefits specific user groups and cases require. While an off the shelf, medical practice tool will be useful, a dermatology practice or other clinical specialist may find more utility designing a solution with their needs and use in mind. In this way custom digital products allow providers to really address the pain points of end users and deliver more focused services. 

Does any company develop healthcare products for mental health issues or rehabilitation?

Yes, Asahi Technologies is a NYC-based custom healthcare technology development company that makes custom healthcare products to address mental health issues and rehabilitation. Our team brings deep domain area expertise that helps our clients to reach their goals.

What are the advantages of healthcare software product development?

Healthcare software development services allow organizations to really solve the problems they face. No two departments in a hospital have the exact same needs. Custom software solutions allow for designs and functions that match the real world requirements and future needs of their end users.