Digital transformation is fueling innovation across the healthcare industry. Our healthcare IT, software, and technology consulting services deliver the resources your cross-functional leadership teams need to optimize your investment and drive positive business results.

Our team of healthcare technology experts, business development strategists, full stack developers, designers, and system integraters provide the expertise and insight your teams need. We are passionate about leaning into our customer’s challenges and taking a data-driven approach to solving the challenges they face.

Unlock your organization’s true potential with the strategic guidance needed to harness true business intelligence and opportunities to fuel competitive advantage. The healthcare technology moves quickly but our consultants ensure your executives understand what to do, how to achieve it, and why.

Here are some of the main benefits your organization can expect from our healthcare strategic IT consulting services:

Deep Domain Area Expertise: Whether you want to improve clinical efficiency, leverage automation, or deliver advanced solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning, we deliver the talent needed to get the job done.

Business Intelligence: Instead of wondering, take advantage of evidence-based and data-driven insights that ensure your leaders understand what, where, when, how and why easily and upfront.

An End-to-End Service: We support the entire digital product lifecycle and your organization's digital transformation today as well as down the line.

Proven Healthcare Technology Insights: We have worked with some of the most successful and well recognized doctors, healthcare networks, hospitals, and executives.

Our Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Asahi Technologies delivers healthcare IT consulting services to guide your efforts. Our teams seamlessly embed with yours to provide the strategic wisdom needed to execute successful technology implementations, integrations, and updates.

Stop wondering about how to proceed and lean on the proven expertise of our healthcare business and strategy consulting services.

The first step to any successful project begins with building rapport, sharing resources, and setting a sustainable plan in place for our project together. Our delivery workshops ensure your decision makers have all the information needed to decide the best course of action together.

Next, our team will work to show you how different build and design characteristics are transformed into working prototypes. Go beyond discussing and see your ideas in action, brought to life by our expert development team and shared by our business development experts.

When it's time to add additional features and services, our team is available to provide all the information needed for you to scale technology deployments and integrate them into your health technology stack. This healthcare IT consulting service ensures you can build on your success with true enterprise agility.

At the end of the day, costs, expectations, and outcomes matter. That’s why our teams provide the cost and timeline planning needed to ensure we are working towards SMART goals.

Our Process and Approach

We deliver a cohesive healthcare IT strategy and consulting service designed to overcome any challenge your teams are facing. Our team provides fresh perspectives, evidence-based insights, and resources to deliver world class technology solutions.

Our approach involves listening, asking the right questions, and working to ensure we are meeting your expectations and use cases. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your organization’s decision making capabilities with our laser-focused healthcare software consulting solutions.


We collate essential details about your business and define the key objectives, cost estimates, and deliverables in a clear outline


Together, we devise a detailed guideline that lays out project milestones, required expertise and toolkits necessary to structure discussions


If required, we create a prototype to help you visualize and test the feasibility of a concept. We can then refine functionality and design before a full-scale build begins


We conduct further quality control assessments under the supervision of your project stakeholders.

Custom Healthcare Solutions That we Offer

Here is a selection of some of our healthcare technology solutions:

  • EHR/EMR Software: Custom software to manage electronic health records
  • Medical Practice Management Software: Custom software to manage patient care
  • Medical CRM Tools: Custom software to manage healthcare customer relationships
  • Health Information Exchange: Custom software to safely share health information with stakeholders
  • Hospital Management Solutions: Custom software to manage day to day hospital operations
  • RCM and Medical Billing Software: Custom software to optimize medical billing
  • Patient Engagement Tools: Custom software to engage patient populations
  • Telemedicine & Telehealth Applications: Custom software to deliver virtual care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Tools: Custom software to monitor patients on the go
  • Medical Device Software: Custom software to integrate medical devices
  • Medical Imaging Solutions: Custom software to improve diagnostics
  • Pharmacy Management Software: Custom software to prescribe medications
  • Chronic Disease Management Software: Custom software to mitigate chronic disease
  • Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine (DICOM): Custom software to improve decision making
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems: Custom software to manage medical laboratory data
  • Medical Appointment Scheduling Software: Custom software to schedule appointments
  • Mobile Patient Portals: Custom software to engage patients

Why Work With Asahi Technologies

Asahi Technologies specializes in delivering healthcare software consulting services that break down barriers to success to drive results. Our team is composed of U.S.-based project management teams in New York, Boston, and Texas matched with development leads in Chennai, India. This hybrid structure delivers the customer experience and cost savings needed to optimize success.

What our Clients Say About Us

“The team was spot-on when it came to following the project’s timeline. Their customer service is also exemplary — Asahi Technologies really wanted to make sure they got everything right and just how we envisioned it. The team was full of exceptional communicators, and we were always on the same page every step of the way. We built a solid relationship because they genuinely understood what we were trying to accomplish.”

Isaiah E. Silva, Massachusetts
Founder & Principal, BCH's Equipment Supply Firm

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