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Your guide to the design, development and implementation of real-time location system for healthcare asset tracking and inventory management

The time is ripe to strategize and implement asset tracking with real-time location systems (RTLS) and way-finding in your hospital. Our agile approach to software development and your technology-friendly software business model can together deliver integrated solutions that enhance the patient experience.
Complex and fragmented infrastructure in large hospitals should be streamlined with RTLS.
Location intelligence and status information from tags and beacons of smart devices, when fed into the Hospital Asset Information Management Solution(HAIMS) deployed by Asahi Technologies, speeds operations, reduces maintenance, increases efficiency, and improves asset utilization. Data received can also be analyzed to influence decision-making at every stage of hospital operations and the clinical workflow.
Make your vision for a smart hospital come true with RTLS-based digital transformation. Read on to learn how to implement HAIMS correctly for coordinated care and to achieve specific outcomes.