Healthcare Software Development FAQs

Developing custom software solutions for healthcare can be a complex and technical undertaking, here are some answers to some of the most common questions our clients ask.

There are many different types of healthcare software solutions available for healthcare, medical, life science, pharmaceutical and wellness clients.

On one level, there is medical software developed for medical facilities, clinical practitioners, and their patients. On the other, there are an ever-growing assortment of applications designed to help individuals, families and communities take greater control of their health.

For hospitals, some of the most popular software solutions include Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), remote patient monitoring tools, and Hospital Information Systems (HIS). Though since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, new software integrations have allowed telehealth solutions to transform care delivery and pave the way for more robust digital transformation.

Tools such as hospital management software (HMS), medical billing software, and practice management systems (PMS) digitize and automate hospital operations. Meanwhile, consumer-facing digital health applications and wearable remote patient monitoring tools help patients stay connected with their providers.

Software development helps healthcare organizations leverage digital transformation to build more agile and resilient enterprises. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, providers have been forced to embrace digital technologies and patient-consumers are quite pleased to enjoy convenient and user-friendly solutions that make it faster and easier to schedule appointments, complete checkups, receive medications, and manage care.

Every day, healthcare organizations transition from manual process and paper-based work flows to new digital systems and applications designed to streamline their normal daily operations. Meanwhile, provider networks are working to more fully embrace patient-centered care models and empower patients to take a more active role in managing their health.

Software development teams provide healthcare organizations with the insights they need to deliver digital applications, manage data security, improve operations, and enhance clinical efficiency.

Healthcare is a very complex, technical, and fast moving industry. To succeed, it is essential to constantly improve understanding about many fast moving parts and interlocking processes involving the many stakeholders and solutions connected to a healthcare organization’s success.

Software development teams with experience in the healthcare domain provide the business development insights and strategy consulting experience needed to understand what is achievable and what will simply be impossible to deliver. Full-cycle healthcare software teams are diverse and multi-faceted with many different types of professionals getting involved to execute a given project.

Software development can help to drive automation, digital transformation, and improve efficiencies at scale in the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and life science domains.

Think through what you need. Talk to your team and create an overview document that lists the business challenges you want to overcome, issues you are facing, key features to develop, and UI/UX design preferences or inspirations. This document helps us correctly scope your project and ensure a productive first meeting.

We are an agile full-cycle software development firm serving healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, life science, and wellness enterprises.

Over the last 10 years, we have built expertise executing highly complex and technical projects for healthcare, global consumer goods, finance, legal, logistics, construction and clients from many other industry verticals.

Our passion for custom healthcare software development and our previous experience serving global market leaders from across the business landscape make us a strong partner to lead your organization’s digital transformation.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and market insights, we provide support and maintenance not just during design and deployment but afterwards too, ensuring everything works as it should in real-world scenarios.

Our clients represent more than just a business opportunity. We see ourselves as technology partners, measuring our success by your success.

Asahi Technologies is headquartered in New York with additional offices in Austin and Chennai, India. Our hybrid distributed team provides the flexibility, cost-savings, and world class talent our clients need to reach their business development goals.

Our primary business is custom software product development, but underneath it all, we are a team of passionate problem solvers, ambitious technologists, and strategic partners.

We build mobile applications, web portals, and custom technology solutions to drive digital transformation and measurably improve business performance.

Yes! Any business looking to digitize and automate manual processes can benefit from a custom solution. If you cannot find the right out-of-the-box program to meet your ambitions, we can help.

Unfortunately, off-the-shelf solutions rarely meet every business's unique and comprehensive needs. While some functionality may deliver, there are wasted features that have no bearing on what you do. Worse still, the solution may lack unique functions that are desperately needed. This is where custom software development can make a difference.

Custom software refers to any tailor-made program designed to meet specific issues or execute certain functions efficiently. The solution might optimize a process, eliminate manual work, or automate procedures, so your team can focus on tasks requiring a human touch.

Once your custom solution is in place, you can scale it exactly as and when you need to, bolstering or removing functionality alongside business growth and strategy. The short-term investment leads to long-term benefits unique to your teams and ambitions.

The technical stuff is where we come in – as your technology partner, we take care of the complicated bits. Our highly experienced team can comfortably translate business requirements into project specifications.

Our clients bring us different scenarios every day, some thoroughly planned out, others with simply an idea. Whatever stage you're at, we advise how to progress from that point. We may even come up with a journey you hadn't thought of.

The cost to complete a project varies depending on the scope. Every client is unique. Depending on the project's nature, size, and complexity, we create a cost that is as custom as the project itself.

In some cases, it may be necessary to undergo a detailed discovery phase that estimates total effort (time, money, and resources) so everyone knows where they stand from the get-go.

A detailed discovery phase at the start of a project helps us estimate total effort, time needed, budget, and resources. Using this, we create a timeline that helps manage expectations for our team and yours. Ultimately, the project build and deployment timescales differ per client, with the more complicated or larger ones taking longer to implement.

We typically employ an agile methodology, breaking the project into several clear phases. It may be that different team members can add value at different phases, splitting your team's workload.

Then, collaboratively, we sign off each stage, asking stakeholders to feedback and review features as they are developed. This leads to a very transparent process where anyone who needs to be involved is clear about their role.

We highly encourage stakeholders to join regular briefings and they receive real-time updates to feel informed throughout. Briefings could be daily, weekly or bi-weekly. Regular communication is essential to the project's overall success.

As the contract makes clear, our clients have full ownership of the source code. We hand over the proprietary source code and the final product as deliverables.

The security and compliance of your software are hugely important to us, and we build any custom policies into our project scope from the beginning.

In addition, we store any proprietary materials or details provided throughout the project as per your specific confidentiality requirements and legal requirements.

Unless stated otherwise, the project manager assigned at the beginning of your project will remain your primary point of contact throughout our partnership.

To ensure total peace of mind, we provide a 30-day warranty period after the application launch, unless agreed otherwise.

Yes. In most cases, our clients contract us to support and maintain the software or application after launch. Having built the solution, we are best suited to ensure its longevity through ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and future expansions.

Alternatively, if you wish to support the project yourself after launch, we handover the source code and all supporting documentation to the team or company of your choosing.