Ever wondered why RoR is most sought after web framework to build custom software solutions?

Why are startups and small business giving increased preference to RoR to build scalable web applications? For the reasons explained below, adoption of RoR has increased among startups.

It is estimated that more than 800,000 websites are powered by ruby on rails and some of the high profile websites running on RoR include GitHub, Yellow pages, Slideshare, Shopify, Crunchbase, Bloomberg, Zendesk to name few.

Here are 3 reasons why RoR is most sought after framework to build custom software:

Three-tier Architecture

RoR is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. MVC provides easy isolation of the view, business logic, and database layers, making it easy to allocate development resources based on skill level. For instance, developers working on the view layer need to be more focused on design and look and feel aspects, whereas developers working on the business logic layer need to be more focused on functional aspects of the application.

Rapid development with optimized budget 

A start up or a small business generally needs an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with reduced budget. Ruby on Rails is great when it comes to development speed and agility. RoR allows startups to build applications faster with optimized budget while maintaining high quality standards. RoR has 50,000 GEMs to choose from. GEMs are modular software packages that can be plugged into the core application to provide a specific functionality.

High flexibility and compatibility

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source framework which is free and easily downloadable. It has leaner code base (fewer lines of code) and modular design (reusing existing code components) that makes it highly flexible and sought out framework for building custom software. It has lot of free plugins that serve as a great value-add to the application. Because it’s an open source framework, the developers can pass the code to successors seamlessly. RoR community is also huge and growing every year, thereby making it easy to get help when needed.


With Ruby on Rails (RoR) providing web application framework that includes robust architecture, rapid prototyping, leaner code base and many re-usable components, no doubt it is a game changer in future for the startup and small business community planning to build robust and scalable web applications from scratch for their business.