Posted on: 14 Nov 2018

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5 important e-commerce tools in java


Considering the number of open source tools in the market today, deciding upon the right e-commerce tool that suits your business needs can be a daunting task, regardless of your company size. While e-commerce startups opt for open source software for cost and community support considerations, flexibility and security are paramount to an e-commerce business. Here are some of the most popular open-source tools in the industry today.

Broadleaf Commerce

Touted as one of the best tools in the eCommerce marketplace, the benefits of Broadleaf are that it is completely customizable, incredibly versatile (has the ability to support a variety of websites, languages, currencies, all within a singular e-commerce system) and has the provision for targeted marketing as well. Although it is written on a Spring foundation, Broadleaf isn’t bound by its limitations. Pep Boys, Ganz eStore, Vology, and The Container Store are just some of the top organizations that use Broadleaf. Editions of Broadleaf that are available at present include – Community, Enterprise B2B, Enterprise B2C, and the Multi-tenant enterprise edition.


A popular shopping cart software as well as an e-commerce platform for retail business of all sizes, Konakart is easy to use, highly functional, customizable and also has the provision for social logins (Facebook, Paypal, etc). It is available in community and enterprise editions.


Aside from Java, Shopizer is based on a Spring, Hibernate and JQuery framework, making it highly customizable (although it is ready to use without any customizations) and robust. With the range of tools and APIs it comes with, Shopizer can easily be integrated with any existing e-commerce solution.

Apache OFBiz

Charging no licensing fees, Apache OFBiz is widely recognized for its provision of electronic PoS, diverse data layer (Freemaker template engine, or JSPs), robust business layer (JEE-related frameworks) and its persistent layer (RDBMS), which allow for the creation of advanced e-commerce websites possessing multiple enterprise-level features.


Relying on Jackrabbit reference implementation, Google Web Toolkit, Vaadin, Sass, Groovy and GWT, Magnolia is a good tool for single page applications. Through its support for multiple Java frameworks, it allows for increased customization and also incorporating of tag libraries.

The above tools are just some of many e-Commerce tools available. If you are looking to build an eCommerce application using Java framework, you certainly should explore the above off-the-shelf options before deciding on building a custom solution.

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