The benefits of custom software development vs off-the-shelf products are well known. So once you decide to opt for custom-built software, the next obvious step is to hire a company that can help you build it. But how do you know if you are on boarding the right firm? Before partnering with software, make sure you ask them the right questions. The answers to these questions will surely help you identify the right custom software development company.

1. For how long have you been in business?

Before you engage/on board a custom software development firm, getting a sense of the number of years of experience the firm has, is a good idea. Seasoned software development firms that have delivered good results for many businesses in the past, have obviously refined their process in course of time.

2. What is your technology expertise?

Your project might need expertise in or have a preference towards specific technology stacks. Ensure that the company has expertise in, and has worked on projects in that specific technology. Different companies are proficient in working on different technologies. Some companies are technology agnostic, and have experience working with several different technologies. Since the selection of the correct technology stack is a core necessity, doing a little due diligence here ahead of time is essential.

3. Have you worked on similar projects? Can you share your portfolio?

To be sure about the company’s efficiency in developing the kind of solution you wish to develop, look at the past projects undertaken by the company. This helps you gauge their efficiency and success rate, when dealing with different types of projects. Take a look at their portfolio to get detailed insight into their design and development skills. It will also reveal a lot about the complexity of projects the company has worked on in the past.

4. Can you provide some client references?

One of the best ways to know about the company is connecting with its past clients. Ask the company for references and gather feedback. Ask questions related to company’s ability to meet deadlines, the quality of apps they have developed and the kind of support they provide. These factors help determine the firm’s commitment towards any project it undertakes.

5. Do you follow any sort of industry standard process? If yes, what is kind of process/methodology?

Process is important to a software development firm, just as an assembly line is important to a manufacturing plant. Ensure that the firm is well experienced with the industry recommended agile software development methodology.

6. While working on a project, what is your approach towards accommodating change requests?

Your requirements may change during the course of product development. Find out about the firm’s process for accommodating change requests. The right software development company will proficiently handle any requirement changes during the product life cycle.

7. Do you provide Support & Maintenance services post development?

Once the software product/web application is developed, you will most likely need assistance with maintenance and support of the product in the long run.. Make sure the firm you plan to work with provides support services after the initial product development. This will give you the peace of mind that maintenance, enhancement and support are available after initial product development.

When choosing a custom software development company, it is important to choose the right one. Any failure to do the initial due diligence can lead to failure of your end product. Not only that, all the time you spent to develop this product will bear no fruit.