Updated July 2021

How do I choose a web development partner?

The most crucial step to web application is, identifying the web development partnership that will help your organization achieve its business goals and objectives. The onus of building a robust, scalable and comprehensive application that addresses all your business needs lies with your web development partner.

Regardless of the complexity of the application you are looking to build, you will need a highly skilled team of experts to make a functional website that provides seamless experience to your clients. As you will be working closely with your web development partner, it is important to do sufficient due diligence when choosing your vendor to get the best return on investment (ROI).

What should I look for when choosing your web development firm?

1. Responsiveness

Lack of proper communication can make or mar any project. Hence, it is essential that your web development partner listens, understands and then suggests the best course of action for your project. Their responsiveness in handling your initial queries is an early indication of their approach towards handling business. If they are lethargic in their initial responses, it is highly likely that you will face difficulties getting responses after project kick-off. Are they asking you enough questions to dig deeper and understand your requirements precisely?

2. Technology best practices

It is very important that your web development partner is willing to research beyond what you demand and has a holistic understanding of your requirements. It is important that the firm you engage with has an evolved methodology for scalable web development with an elaborate discovery process to ensure that the functionalities requested by you are well thought out before they are built.

3. Use of latest technologies

To ensure maintainability, web development firms should always be in the loop on the latest advances in technology and have a core team that actively gets trained in them.

4. Trusted partner

Oftentimes, building a web application may not be the right choice to address your business problems. It is the fundamental duty of your development partner to be candid with you about what is best for your business, and if need be, talk you out of a bad decision, even if it comes at a cost to them. Your development partner should act as a trusted guide and consultant and help you choose the best functionality and practices for your business.

5. Comprehensive services

It’s preferred to have a single company that handles all the web development needs of your business and a web development partner that caters to your needs. From initial planning and strategy, to design, development and testing, launch and post-launch maintenance/support is an ideal choice that you can’t go wrong with. It is always easier to build a working relationship and coordinate with a single company rather than having to deal with various vendors.

6. After sales support

Most clients find poor after sales support as the main reason for switching to a different web development firm. A longstanding and successful client-vendor relationship cannot be established if there is lack of support and maintenance services after site launch. This can be easily tracked by previous performance of the vendor firm with their existing clients. A good customer retention rate and good number of repeat clients is a good indicator of past performance.

7. Years of experience

The credentials and track record of a web development firm is the best proof of their reliability and professionalism. Some basic due diligence on past experience working on projects similar to yours, and the methodology adopted for web development go a long way in ensuring the success of your project.

Conclusion: A thorough analysis underlines the fact that apart from the budget there are many factors that should be evaluated before finalizing a suitable web development partner.

How do I get a company to partner with me?

If your business needs to get custom software developed we are here to help. We’ve developed several innovative web applications for businesses such as lending startups that offer small business loans, wall street firms that offer legal research to sophisticated investors, and managers at FedEx that decide digital marketing budgets based on campaign performance.

If you would like to read some of the questions asked to us by our Healthcare Industry and Non-Profit Business Software Development Clients, please read below:

Q: How will my business benefit from a custom software solution?

A: We develop custom software solutions from scratch, or customize off-the-shelf products, depending on your need. The reality is, off-the-shelf software solutions don’t always meet the full needs of every business, especially when the needs are unique. That’s where custom software development can help. Whether your goal is to create new efficiencies in your business, cut unnecessary costs by eliminating manual efforts, or automate business processes so you have more time to do the tasks which require the human touch, rest assured we can develop a solution to achieve your unique business needs and bring a new level of efficiency to your organization.

Q: How much does it cost to have a custom software developed?

A: The time and cost it takes to complete a project varies from one project to another, as each client’s requirements are unique. In some cases, depending on the nature and complexity of the project, a detailed discovery phase i.e.; requirements gathering phase is required in order to assess the total effort (time, money and resources) for project completion. Our costs scale based on the size and the end goal of the project.

Q: Who will be my point of contact at Asahi Technologies?

A: The project manager assigned to your project will usually be your primary point of contact throughout the course of the engagement with Asahi Technologies.

Let the team at Asahi Technologies help you with your next custom web application for your business.

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