Education technology has come a long way, and there’s no reason educators shouldn’t take full advantage of it to make sure their students get the most out of their learning. 

Additionally, the pandemic taught us that custom software for education can be a powerful tool when it comes to e-learning and online classes. 

We put together a list of some of the examples of how custom educational software is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in today’s educational world. 

Authoring Systems 

An authoring system is something that helps teachers develop their own instructional software. This software is usually relatively simple, like building a set of electronic flashcards to help with communicating specific concepts to students. 

Authoring systems can also be used for building multimedia content containing lessons and tutorials. Web authoring systems are also a great tool for building that content into a website. 

Learning Management Systems

One common form of custom software for educators is a learning management system

Essentially, a learning management system is designed to make the educator’s job easier by streamlining internal processes. 

Using cloud-based systems, these software platforms can manage things like scheduling, enrollment processes, student data, teacher training programs and more. 

The more time you can save on internal processes, the more time you can spend teaching your students. 

Tutorial Software 

Tutorial software can add an interactive learning element to education by engaging students at their own pace on an individual level. By employing these programs, each student will be able to utilize the tutorials on a 1-to-1 basis and learn concepts and skills on their own. 

This helps mitigate the challenges of teaching to a classroom that’s packed full of children. Sometimes it can be difficult to address each student’s needs individually when you have all of the other students to be aware of as well. 

Special Needs Software 

When a student has special needs, those needs require special attention. Oftentimes, educators aren’t trained to address those needs and could always use some assistance. 

Special needs software created by specialists can be of major help in these situations. By providing a learning platform developed specifically for special needs students, these programs can be priceless educational tools that deliver the kind of learning that will have results for the student. 

Other special needs software can provide accessibility to those students who are challenged in ways that make learning difficult. Some examples of this might be a speech synthesizer or a program that reads text aloud. 

An Educational Social Network

One of our favorite educational projects involved working with a highly respected educator to develop a closed-loop social network that could deliver STEM education on a highschool level. 

This social media platform allowed teachers to connect with their students outside of the classroom to teach lessons in a way that allowed for interaction amongst those involved. 

The software featured fully customizable learning modules so that educators could build their curriculums exactly as they liked. The platform was also capable of administering online tests, facilitating assignment completion, and even reminding students of pending assignments through notifications. 

Read the case study here.

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