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A Digital Health Ecosystem Enhances the Patient Experience

Delivering a world class experience cannot be an afterthought but instead needs to be an operating principal driving the evolution of digital health 2.0. As an industry, we are beginning to realize what is possible and what is at stake. It’s essential to deliver highly customizable, user-friendly, and intuitive digital experiences for both patients and physicians that empower access compromising the sacred connection between patient and physician.

10 Key Medical Device Technology Trends Transforming Patient Care in 2023

In this article learn more about 10 key medical device technology trends transforming patient care in 2023. All around the world, medical device manufacturers are working to deliver the medical innovations of tomorrow through smart and considered investments today. Asahi Technologies is proud to be a custom healthcare software development partner passionate about helping the world’s most advanced medical providers deliver life-saving medical interventions.

Digital Transformation is the Key to Delivering True Person-Centered Treatment Modalities

“Healthcare has always been competitive but the stakes have never been higher. Completing digital transformation is the key to realizing the full potential of person-centered care. Asahi Technologies is the custom healthcare software development team your organization can count on. Get in touch today to learn more about our digital transformation services for healthcare, medical, life science, and pharmaceutical enterprises. “

Robotic Process Automation: How Smart Machines are Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Robotic process automation is the answer for healthcare enterprises looking to improve patient outcomes, manage costs, deliver better working conditions for staff, and complete enterprise-wide digital transformation. In many cases, the return on investment (ROI) from developing custom RPA solutions is so significant it frees up vital organizational resources for other mission-critical expenditures.

Implementing Automation to Improve Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trial Technology

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, life science and pharmaceutical manufacturers have rapidly embraced automation to drive digital transformation along every touch point in the pre-clinical and clinical trial processes. Digital transformation is fueling innovation at the world’s most successful healthcare, medical, life science, and pharmaceutical enterprises. Implementing data-driven decision-making is the key to overcoming uncertainty and harnessing your organization’s full potential.

Future of healthcare AI

All across the medical landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is being implemented to leverage data-driven decision-making to improve efficiencies at scale. Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare leverage complex algorithms to streamline, automate, and optimize key operational processes. The result is a more seamless care environment that links medical researchers, doctors, and laboratory clinicians to machine learning (ML) capabilities driving more efficient decision-making.

Complete Guide to HIPAA Compliant Software for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations and the third-party vendors they work with have a vested interest in delivering HIPAA-compliant software applications to reduce the opportunity for cybercriminals to access organizational data. Asahi Technologies delivers HIPAA-compliant software development services for healthcare enterprises. We build secure and reliable technology solutions to streamline the administrative burden caused by compliance obligations.

Building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to Deliver Digital Health Applications

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of web-based software built using technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and WebAssembly. PWAs are the perfect choice for delivering digital health solutions designed for both medical providers and the patients they serve. For many healthcare organizations, the shorter development timelines, lower costs, and quicker time to market make building custom PWAs an attractive option instead of releasing native apps.