This is a question we get asked a lot when we first meet with clients. They want to know what the possibilities are and what we can do for them. When it comes to software development possibilities, the only real limit is your imagination. Well, that and your budget. So the short answer to the titular question is “Anything you want.”

Realistically, though, to narrow down those possibilities it’s important to first determine the need because software development is an answer to a need. Do you need an application to streamline a workflow process? Do you need a customer-facing program to provide a service? 

Determining the need allows us to define what a solution to that need will look like. So let’s start by examining some of the possible needs that a software development company can work towards fulfilling. 

In-House Needs – Employee Web Portals, Process Improvements, and More

There are a lot of situations where an in-house application can be the answer. For example, many companies seek to have their own web portals developed for their employees. Sometimes known as HR portals, or employee web portals, these applications serve as a platform that allows employees to engage with a variety of HR services. Not only are they great for personnel because they provide ease of engagement with HR, but they’re beneficial to HR because they increase the efficiency and productivity of human resource operations. 

Other examples include proprietary content management systems, customer relationship management software, automated invoicing applications, and business process automation systems. 

One of our favorite examples of that last one is an instance when we helped a client develop a software solution for battling the hassle of credit card chargebacks. The client was an online merchant who’d become accustomed to the challenges and frustrations of chargebacks, and they were looking for a technology partner to assist and streamline a way to take some of the weight off the backs of their analysts. 

By identifying bottlenecks and improving the overall project management lifecycle, we were able to add to the client’s bottom line and the project was a resounding success. 

Read the case study here

Customer-Facing Solutions – Commerce, Dating Apps, Etc. 

On the other end of client software needs is the customer-facing application. This can be anything from a merchant application that allows customers to make online purchases, to a social media platform, or even a video game. 

One of our most fun projects involved creating a dating application for a lifestyle brand. The client’s company was founded by New York City socialites who had an innovative idea for connecting members with matching “Compatibility Metrics” to “Markets” that were hosted by local businesses. 

These metrics were determined by members providing answers to questionnaires, and then the “Markets” were curated to align with the members’ interests. Rather than putting these people into deliberate dating events, the application simply aimed to help ensure that the right people would be in the right places at the right times so that nature could take its course. 

You can read the case study here

Another of our clients wanted to bring exotic Italian coffee beans and coffee machines to restaurants and homes in North America, and we worked with their Italian-based graphic designers to create an e-commerce portal to bring that dream to reality. It was a great project that put a lot of pep in our step! 

Why We Should Be Your Software Development Company

The takeaway here is that you can get any kind of software developed for your business. Big dreams lead to big needs, and we can provide you with a software solution that will fit those needs in a big way. 

Whatever sort of software project you’re looking to have developed, whether it’s internal or customer-facing, big or small, Asahi Technologies has the experience and the expertise to get it done. Chances are that we’ve already had success with a similar project in the past

If you or your company is looking to hire a software development company to help bring your business’ project to life, please take a moment to click the button below to contact us and then receive a free consultation for your project.