As the internet develops and matures, the need to build feature-rich applications will increase. For now, it is fairly easy to keep customers satisfied with a basic online presence via WordPress websites that are easy to use and maintain. However, if your web developers are experienced with the latest web development frameworks, you can provide your customers with a far superior and stable experience.

Here are the current top 5 web development frameworks!

1. AngularJS

AngularJS is a very popular web development technology that has given rise to websites such as Netflix, PayPal, Twitch, and Freelancer. Apart from having an impressive portfolio of websites, Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework designed for single-page web applications using MVC architectures. However, it is not a full-stack, but a front-end framework managing your web pages. Angular 4 is the latest version. Since AngularJS is a Google product, it holding the top position among web development frameworks is no surprise at all.

2. Laravel

Laravel is considered to be a versatile solution for backend web development. Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework intended to create an MVC architecture design. Since PHP is a popular programming language, businesses are constantly looking to hire Laravel developers. Laravel features a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance and in many ways help access databases., Fox47, and Yulair are popular websites that use Laravel behind the scenes.

3. React.js

React is a popular open source JavaScript library maintained by the team at Facebook and a large dev community outside it. ReactJS is used extensively for developing user interfaces for web applications. ReactJS works best with applications that require large databases with frequent changes and updates. The React team is working on React Fiber—an implementation of the React core algorithm to improve the processing of rendering, animation, layout, and gestures. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and the New York Times, all use ReactJS in their applications.

4. Node.js

Node.js isn’t just a framework but a complete environment. It quickly became a hot favorite among developers, thanks to its ability to help create network applications that are both scalable and fast. Exhibiting strong performance in handling a large number of simultaneous connections, it provides incredibly high scalability. If you’re in need of a complete JavaScript environment with all the necessary tools, Node.js ought to be your first choice. Uber, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix are popular applications that use Node.js.

5. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is also quite popular among the developer community. Ruby on Rails is popular for two reasons: ease of use and zero cost. RoR is great for beginners and it is perfect for transitioning your project from the planning stage to actual development. Some of the big brands that have used Ruby on Rails for their products are Hulu, AirBnB, and BaseCamp.

     When choosing a web development framework it is important to pick a framework that not only satisfies all your requirements but also has a good support system should the development process throw up challenges. Technologies tend to have lifecycles, so it always helps to choose frameworks that are future-proof. Furthermore, open-source frameworks are recommended as an alternative to building everything from scratch. Read the licensing details of a chosen framework to figure out whether it matches your vision of the web application you intend designing.