New York City – a powerhouse for digital innovation

Our headquarters is in the heart of New York City, a metropolis of innovation, creativity, and ambition. Working across New York and beyond, we develop enterprise-level software and applications for businesses of all sizes across various markets.

We’ve helped non-profits, construction conglomerates, and start-ups in New York alone. Take a look at the variety of our projects below:

Tailored software and applications for New York and beyond

If your business is stifled by software, we’re here to help. Today’s markets are fast-paced and digital technology is key to keeping up. Custom software and applications tailored to your business needs are vital for success, and it’s our mission to put user experience and performance at the heart of digital transformation.

Improving speed, usability, and longevity, we aim to develop custom solutions that exceed expectations; yours and your customers’. Technology is evolving every day, and so are we. Here’s what we offer:

Our primary business is custom software product development, but underneath it all, we are a team of passionate problem solvers. We are made up of software programmers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, software testers, business analysts and project managers – all united by the mission to drive digital transformation. Together, we build web applications, mobile applications, software products, social networks, enterprise portals and much more.

The time and cost to complete a project vary depending on the scope. Every client is unique. Depending on the project’s nature and complexity, we offer a detailed discovery phase that estimates total effort (time, money, and resources) so everyone knows where they stand from the get-go.