OHL North America





Our client was burdened with inefficient paper processes and outdated third-party apps

OHL North America, a subsidiary of Spanish multinational Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL), is a civil engineering company with more than 3,800 employees. This leader in the heavy construction industry specializes in large public works like bridges, highways, tunnels, and subways. Some of its recent achievements include New York City’s South Ferry Station and the Second Avenue Subway Station, which the city’s Governor Cuomo praised as a “transformative project”.

Our client faced a number of obstacles that were limiting its potential for growth. Due to redundant business systems, OHL North America’s staff had to rely on inefficient spreadsheets and outdated third-party applications for essential tasks such as record keeping. To make matters more complex, alternative software products that were already on the market in the construction sector didn’t meet OHL’s needs.


To develop an integrated solution for project, operations and resource management, communication, accounting, and role-based workflow

OHL North America’s internal process management systems were riddled with issues. Redundant, disparate third-party systems that did not integrate with one another made it difficult for the organization to manage business-critical process, user and system administration, end-user training and support. Without a central hub where staff could coordinate tasks and share knowledge, internal communication was often poor, leading to unnecessary client disruption and mistakes.

Our client needed a comprehensive, integrated software solution that:

  • Created a central data sharing facility for all departments
  • Allowed staff to track all aspects of projects, right from the RFP and bidding stage to resource management and delivery
  • Enabled clear and precise record keeping and accounting, with billing and payment tracking
  • Offered a scalable, role-based workflow that seamlessly allowed employees throughout the company to complete tasks
  • Brought together project management, operations, resource management and fostered inter-departmental communication

After speaking to different vendors, OHL chose Asahi Technologies due to our extensive experience with similar projects.


An automated and integrated enterprise resource planning software with business intelligence capabilities

We built a dedicated team to develop an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that would connect OHL’s departments through a centralized data sharing facility. We used a number of technology toolkits to create this including:

  • Telerik Controls – Providing powerful UI capabilities across all of the application’s interfaces
  • PDF DLL – Providing clean report generation capabilities from the application’s various modules
  • Power BI – Offering interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities via intuitive interfaces
  • Antera – Maximizing CRM and order management capabilities
  • UIPath – Automating invoices and payroll processes

By using a bespoke software solution, OHL didn’t have to worry about third-party licensing costs. It has been able to add unlimited users with clearly defined, role-appropriate access rights. We were also able to provide OHL with additional tools, including:

  • Cell phone and card request/approval with API integration
  • Power BI with advanced reporting
  • Document management solutions with hierarchy-based approval
  • Bid tracker to manage the entire lifecycle of vendor project bids
  • Automated solution to reduce redundant and repetitive tasks

High Quality

Over the course of our six-year relationship, Asahi’s service has been prompt and high quality. The team that worked on this project have been trustworthy, diligent, and highly technically proficient, and they have done exceptional work automating and digitizing our business workflow processes.

Ashok Patel, New York
President, OHL North America


Full visibility of workflow and processes with time spent reduced drastically

Our bespoke ERP solution has streamlined operations across OHL North America’s large, multifaceted business. Outdated paper-based processes and ineffective legacy systems have been replaced by an intuitive, cutting-edge system built just for our client. Users at all levels across the company can access critical operations data via an intuitive, web-based interface that offers role-based access.

The scalable software solution has allowed our client to move away from disconnected third-party systems to one that allows distributed teams to seamlessly work together. Now, the organization can easily track projects and enjoy constant sight of its resource management capabilities to deliver better results for its clients.

Despite initial hesitation from some within the business, OHL North America reports that our ERP solution has been widely adopted. The large organization’s departments are now digitally connected and enjoy full visibility of crucial workflow, accounting and project management information. Request, approval and workflow processes can be completed in a faster, more accurate way, with workflow time being cut in half. And by centralizing record keeping and accounting processes our software solution has led to a reduction in human errors during payroll and invoicing.